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Wind Power

The Sail Barge Returns

For hundreds of years intercontinental shipping was a wind-powered apparatus.  Those were the days, right?  So, I guess we can’t really file this under ‘innovation…’  Sails for ships, it’s a darn good idea, one whose time has come…again.   SkySails, a German company, has developed a retrofit package that will give any ship larger than 80 feet the ability to harness the power of the wind in order to travel more quickly and levitra 20 tablets fuel-efficiently. 



The retrofit package, which includes sails as well as software for plotting efficient routes, costs from 300,000 to 3 million dollars and the recommended site levitra from canada first one was just purchased by Beluga Shipping who says the sail will help the company meet environmental goals. 

SkySails says their system can reduce fuel use by as much as one third and, as global shipping is such a ridiculously inefficient system, we hope they’re right.  We also hope that their estimate of 300 sales on the open ocean by 2011 is accurate.  

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Build Your Own 1000 Watt Wind Turbine

{mosimage}Live in a windy place? Need an extra 1000 watts? It's certainly enough to power your laptop, and probably also a microwave oven at the same time. What else could a guy want?

The folks at instructables are creating a step by step guide to creating your own 1000 watt wind turbine – from scratch. Sadly, the tutorial isn't finished yet, so, if you start now, you might be spending a lot of time staring at your wire coil disk waiting for them to write the chapter on creating the turbine blades. Nonetheless, the complex stuff (DIY power generator) is all finished, so it's worth a look.


The nation's largest proposed wind farm brings a battle over birds

Yesterday Texas officials announced plans for the nation's largest offshore wind farm, with as many as 170 windmills in the Gulf of Mexico. {mosimage}
Hold your confetti canons there, ecogeeks.  While you may be swooning over the fact that these windmills may have the capacity to generic viagra softabs provide energy for close to 125,000 homes, environmentalists aren't happy.
Environmentalists are claiming that the new wind farm will kill countless rare birds that fly through Texas migrating down to Central America and Mexico. In fact, Walter Kittelberger, chairman of the Lower Laguna Madre Foundation, went so far as to say, "You probably couldn't pick a worse location." 
The only response from the project, funded by Houston-based Superior Renewable Energy, is from Chief Executive John Callaway, who responded, "Of course there's going to be some mortality, but we don't think it will be significant."
The fight for the birds, unfortunately, will probably be lost in a larger battle over aesthetics. Postcard-happy residents in Cape Cod, Massachusetts are fighting their new wind farm bitterly because of cialis alternative its unsightliness, and Superior seems more driven to assert that the new Gulf wind farm will be placed on a remote, unpopulated stretch of the shore.
Via: CNN

The Bird Turbine Myth

{mosimage}This morning TreeHugger published a wonderful article on the true effects of wind turbines on birds.  Summary:  Yes, if you put something in the ground that birds can fly into, they'll fly into it.  But, no, turbines are not nearly as destructive as cars, buildings, or even the powerlines used to carry power from the wind fields.  Great article, very in depth, worth a read.  Well done John Laumer.
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