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Wind Power

Wind Turbines Display Moving Images

Quiet Revolution Display TurbineYou might have read about innovative UK consultancy XCO2's innovative quiet revolution urban turbines. Well, they have another trick up their sleeve in the form of their ground-breaking display turbines. 

These turbines rely on the theory of persistence of 50 mg viagra vision – our brains ability to fuse many fast, static, images into a single moving image.

The theory is simple. The wind turbine blade has embedded within an array of light-emitting elements – high powered L.E.D's for example. These are coupled to no prescription an embedded processor, which controls these L.E.D's. For multi-coloured displays, the outputs of a red, green and female viagra alternative blue L.E.D can be fused by the eye into a single coherent image.

When we finally start to invite wind turbines into the levitra versus viagra city, they might carry advertisements and information as we've never seen them before.

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Oil Sucks, Wind Blows Video Contest

An online video contest from Western Wind Energy is promising $10,000 to the best pro-wind power video.  It's reminding us of the ill-fated Make Your Own Tahoe Commercial contest that GM put on click here generic cialis overnight a while back.  Except... this is environmentally friendly, and there are way fewer trucks and way more girls in bikinis.  All in all...I like this one a lot better. 

Using technology to promote green technology is generic form of viagra good buisness.  And winning $10,000 by making a "Wind Blows" video is even better buisness.  Good luck to all y'all video makers.



Wind Power by Choice

beesleyturbineWe aren't the only ones talking about wind turbines. A Washington Post article notes that consumers are choosing to buy green electricity, and are even willing to pay a premium in order to get their power from sustainable or alternative sources.
The trend is upward elsewhere, too. Utilities in 36 states offer some form of green pricing, and last year 430,000 households bought green power _ up 20 percent from a year earlier, the U.S. Energy Department reported.

Hopefully, this trend will continue, and power companies will continue to real cialis online without prescription find increasing demand for green power and lower equipment costs as the technology continues to improve and develop.

via Treehugger


Windpower Paper

Art students everywhere can now get sketch, drawing, and bristol paper that is made by 100% windpower. The company behind the tramadol in mexican pharmacies Windpower series is Strathmore, and they've beat everyone to the punch by creating the first line of paper in the U.S. that uses windpower exclusively.
Even better, the price (which my art student friends will argue is high enough) is not affected, nor is functionality or quality of the paper. And the payoff is huge for the environment -- the windpower efforts have resulted in 13 million lbs of toxic air emissions not generated and 94,500 trees not cut down.  
[Via Treehugger .] 

NIMBY to YIMBY: The Aesthetics of tramadol without perscription Wind Turbines

prettyturbine3Wind turbines.  EcoGeeks love 'em.  Environmentalists do too. Unless they happen to be in their back yard.

We've been considering this and we think maybe it's because wind tubines are kinda ugly. 
Well, the American Wind Energy Association thought of this too.  Recently they set up the first National Wind Art Exhibit in conjunction with their annual conference in Pittsburgh earlier this year.  Although the conference has ended, the exhibit is still online.  The idea here seems to be to celebrate the wind farm in art so that we can see how pretty they actually are.  I think they're doing a pretty good job.
"Windfarm installation is controversial in many communities, largely due to the concerns the visual impact of turbines will have on the natural landscape.  Enter REimaginations, which aims to tramadol online without prescription cod elevate the discussion around the aesthetics of renewable power generation. Compared to polluting energy sources, the exhibit suggests, 21st century wind farms represent an elegant blend of form and official canadian pharmacy function."
The first real-life foray into wind turbine aesthetics that we've seen is a Dutch proposal for "trees" with up to eight turbines on a single base stalk.  These turbine trees have the potential to be the first visually interesting and pleasing wind power plants.
Did the people of Cape Cod complain when they put up light houses on their rocky points?  No, because light houses are pretty.  Well, if pretty's what they want, maybe it's about time to make wind turbines pretty too.   

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