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Wind Power

WIndcrofting? Small Turbines, Large Scale


An alternative to large scale wind farms is "windcrofting," installing rows of smaller-scale turbines for power generation. In this arrangement, farmers rent land to the company which installs and maintains the turbines. They can also buy cheap electricity from the turbines, and the excess is discount pharmacy viagra sold onto the grid. Because the turbines are typically set in rows between fields, no productive farmland is lost from this scheme.

Proven Energy is beginning a program for windcrofting in the UK, and has already installed more than 1000 of their turbines on farms. Even before the company had begun advertising they had more than 30 farms enrolled in the program. According to a company spokesman, "If we had a turbine like this on every farm in Britain we would provide about 50 per cent of Britain's electricity."

There are generation efficiencies from using large-scale turbines, but the smaller turbines can be installed in more marginal locations. They also cause less visual intrusion (for people who think they are unattractive) because the smaller turbines are mounted on shorter masts. And farmland is generally going to have the open space that makes wind power effective.

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UK To Be 1% Wind Powered by 2008


The British government has given approval for the construction of two offshore wind farms to be built in the Thames estuary. Combined, the two projects propose the installation of almost 450 turbines over an area of more than 100 square miles, and their combined power output is projected to follow link no prescription provide more than 1% of the electrical demand of the UK.

While still far behind wind leaders such as Denmark (23%), Spain (8%) and Germany (6%), the larger of the two projects, the London Array, would be the largest wind farm in the world when completed.

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SkySail in the Wild

skysailWhile the cheesy photoshopped graphics from SkySail were cool, seeing these things attached to a real live barge (in choppy seas nonetheless) is much more impressive.

We've talked about the SkySail before, including them in the 'extremely old technology returns' category. But, honestly, these things are pretty advanced. Every SkySail sold comes with a software and hardware package used for optimizing efficiency of an ocean voyage.

The SkySail system can save up to 20% of fuel costs by harnessing the power of the wind on ocean voyages. The 500,000 to 2.5m euro devices can pay for themselves in as little as two year's time. That time period will also likely go down as the Sails get cheaper and fuel prices continue to rise. Already, 30 barges on the open ocean are using the system, and the firm predicts they will be in use on over 1,500 vessels by 2015.
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Watch Winds of Change Free

This is a really great documentary on wind power in New York State.  The video contains a great introduction on the history of our electrical grid starting with Thomas Edison’s invention of the incandescent light bulb and Nikola Tesla’s invention of the alternating current system.  The documentary continues on to explain how the rising demand on electricity will test the grid's limits.  There are a few case stories from farmers in Madison County, New York, who harvest the wind for electricity along with their traditional crop.  According to the documentary wind has become a cash crop for farmers.  Farmers can add wind turbines to their land and continue to farm normally as the wind turbines continue to generate additional income.   

This documentary can be a great teaching tool.  Not only does it give some historical insight on the origins of our electrical grid, it also addresses various renewable energy issues such as Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) that is implemented in various states.  It also addresses the public's concerns on wind power, such as visual and audio disturbances.   

So pop some popcorn and sit back and lowest levitra price enjoy “Winds of Change.”  Once you are done watching it share this documentary with your friends, students, or co-workers.  

Shape-Shifting Building Generates It's Own Electricity


This is one of the oddest concept buildings I have ever seen.  Every one of its six stories is designed to slowly spin in the wind independently of all the other stories.  So the building will, as the wind blows, slowly change shape, the view from each room will frequently change, and the power of the wind will be converted to viagra sale uk electricity by generators in the base of the building.
It might not be the nicest place to be in a hurricane, but it would be an excellent place to be during a Jackie Chan movie. The concept was created by Michael Jantzen, and this first version shown is visit our site cialis shop designed to be a kind of public pavilion. This webpage has a ton of amazing renders of the building but, looking at them, I'm having a hard time figuring out how one gets from one floor to the next.

Via TreeHugger
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