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Wind Power

Harness the how can i get prescribed tramadol Highways Wind

It's a sad day when a significant amount of wow)) levitra brand a nation's weather is produced by using fossil fuels to push blocks of metal through the air. But, as long as that artificial weather is there, you might as well harness it.

Wind speeds along highways are significantly higher than the national average of 10 mph so, it turns out, they are a great place to put wind turbines. As long as you can keep them close, but not too close, vertical axis wind turbines (like the ones in the graphic above) can generate a significant amount of power from the wind created by cars and trucks. A recent proposal published at Archinet from "Joe" at the university of Arizona, has Quiet Revolution wind turbines looming over traffic lanes doing just that.

While we'll never recover much of the canada cheap levitra energy wasted pushing air out of the way of a Hummer, even a fraction could be a significant source of cialis soft power. Effectively increasing the mileage of every car on the road just a tiny bit per turbine.

Of course, the more logical thing to recommended site viagra headaches spend government subsidies on would be more aerodynamic vehicles and less interstate travel. But, as long as we're wasting all that energy anyway, we might as well recover a bit of it.

Via Inhabitat

The Windspire Home Energy Appliance

The Windspire is a home 'energy appliance,' being touted by Mariah Energy as low-impact, quiet, attractive and inexpensive. The turbine has an extremely low footrpint and generates power in only 8 mph winds. However, we're not so sure our neighbors would be OK with us putting one of these things up.

It might be quiet, but it's also thirty feet tall, taller than almost anything man made in most residential neighborhoods. But it does produce a good amount of energy (rated at 1 kilowatt) with a tiny footprint. And, when it comes out in a few months, it will be one of the cheapest wind power solutions on the market at only $4,000.

And they'll give you your choice of color too: milky white, crystal clear, stop sign red or sky blue.

Continue reading for more pictures and a video of the turbine in action.

Via Metaefficient

Another Windpower Kite

wind power kite

We haven't run out of ideas for ground-tethered systems to generate electricity by tapping the wind yet. Windmills are the beginning (though they seem to draw hysterical criticism from some quarters), but we've seen a number of other options, from wind hunting barges to spining blimp turbines to parasails to pull cargo ships.

An assembly looking something like a four rotor helicopter crossed with a glider would rise to jet stream altitudes and tap the high speed winds there for power which would be transmited back to the ground via the where buy cialis tether cable. The generator could also be flown, or kept aloft when winds were low by reversing the flow and sending power to buy propecia uk the propellers to keep it flying.

Another proposal covered in the same article would use a series of cost of viagra kites which can alter their configuration. Each kite would be drawn aloft by the winds, pulling out its cable as it went and turning a generator as the line was played out. Once it reached its maximum altitude, it would change shape to catch less wind, allowing it to return back to the ground where it could then begin another cycle. Several of these operating in tandem would allow a station to provide continuous power from a series of these kites rising and only for you buy levitra in europe falling.

via: BoingBoing


The Wind Hunter

We're all waiting for the hydrogen economy without really knowing where the hydrogen is going to come from. Most of the leading contenders focus on using fossil fuels to create hydrogen and that's...just not going to help.

Which is we choice how to buy levitra why I'm excited to report on the WINDHUNTER. It's more than just an amazing name for a mid-nineties Kevin Costner movie.

The WindHunter project proposes mid-oceanic hydrogen generation. Using far-off-shore wind generators has not been feasible because there's no way to get pharmacy transport the electricity to market. The people at WindHunter see the opportunity and say, "Why not just turn the electricity straight into hydrogen, and then ship the hydrogen where it's needed?"

There is a tremendous amount of power in oceanic wind currents just waiting to be harnessed with extremely minimal environmental impact. WindHunters would basically be off shore oil rigs but, instead of non-renewable oil, they'd be creating hydrogen from sea water, our world's most plentiful resource.

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The Smallest Wind Turbine in the World

This cool looking eco-toy caught my eye over on MetaEfficient. The Blow Light is marketed as the world's smallest wind generator, making it a great way to harness the power of your lungs.

To use it, you just... put your lips together and blow... on the rotor to light up the LEDs. When the rotor blade turns it creates electricity to power two blue and one green LED lights. Now if they could just get small enough that my neighbors wouldn't notice 10,000 of them covering my roof.

Available at Nigel’s Eco Store

Via: MetaEfficient

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