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Wind Power

Wind Powered Toy Electric Car

We've talked about the get cialis cheap loopwing turbine before, and also about solar powered toy fuel cell car.  But the two have been thrown together in this awesome wind-powered, electric-toy-car kit. Tamiya has partnered with Loopwing to create the kit, which requires what is likely to be a great deal of assembly. But, once you've created your system, the wind turbine will charge the car enough to keep it running by remote control for 3.5 hours.

If I were 13 I would be begging my parents for one of these things, and I'm nearly asking my wife right now. The biggest surprise of all is the price, a mere $30!

Via Gizmodo head to buying generic cialis Tamiya for more information

Wind Turbines to Suck Water from Air

We showed an extremely simple, low-tech method for getting water with the article about the Watercone earlier this month. But while this may be suitable for small, personal uses, getting enough water for a community or for crops in a dry location is more difficult. The pump windmill was a ubiquitous sight on American farms throughout the west in the last century. And an Australian inventor's device looks to update the order usa viagra online idea, but draws the water from the air, rather than from in the ground.

The Max Water uses the power of incoming wind to cool the air and then collects the water that condenses. In theory, a small 4 meter square (43.1 sq. ft.) unit could provide an average of 6,300 liters (1,664 gallons) per day. And the inventor hopes that larger units could be used for irrigation purposes in places where rainfall is insufficient.

"At 30 degrees C with relative humidity of 60% air contains approximately 18 grams per cubic meter of water. If the air can be cooled to 5 degrees C, at which temperature the cialis usa women air can only contain approximately 8 grams per cubic meter, about 10 grams of water will condense out of the air as fog or droplets."

Even in arid regions, there is moisture in the air. Using wind turbines to provide the power for the system seems an elegant approach to providing the power needed to run the refrigeration systems to recommended site buy viagra online from canadacheap viagra tablets make this work. There is some question as to whether or not this system will realistically be able to extract as much water from the air as its inventor claims. If the implementation bears out the theory, this could be a benefit for dry regions across the globe. 


Wind Powered Potato Chips?

A french fry manufacturing plant is building the tallest wind turbine on English soil! That's just...weird...and also potentially very tasty. The plant is run by McCain foods, who produces massive amounts of real cialis without prescription french fries for both MacDonald's and Burger King. The three giant turbines will cost roughly $20 million, but it will reduce the electricity costs of the plant by over 60%. And when winds are strong,or the plant isn't operating, McCain will actually be able to sell electricity back to the rest of the UK.

It's a fairly massive project. McCain hopes that this will help shelter the company from future rises in energy costs. And I, for one, am glad, because I just won't be able to deal if fries leave the 99 Cent Super Value Menu... Ahem...not that I eat at MacDonald's...

Via Good Clean Tech

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Creating Tornadoes to Power Cities?

On a list of 'holy sh*t that doesn't really sound like a good idea' ideas, creating tornadoes to power cities has got to be pretty close to cheapest cialis in uk the top. But really, does it sound any more foolish than attempting to control the force of atomic explosions?

No, it isn't crazier than that, and we've managed to make nuclear power work (albeit with some unfortunate consequences) so why not try harnessing some other of nature's most powerful (and dangerous) forces. Like the tramadol 180 overnight tornado!

Louis Michaud can create tornadoes. Of course, right now he's creating very small tornadoes. But if he can make a one meter tall one that produces an excess of power, he's certain that he can create one that is "one to twenty kilometers high" and surrounded by wind turbines that produce 200 megawatts of non generic cialis from canada continuous electricity. The only thing needed to keep the "weather pattern" (monstrous spinning cyclone of death) in place, is a source of heat. This could be geothermal or, more likely, excess heat from a coal or nuclear plant.

Right now the water from these sorts of plants has to be cooled in $20 million towers. Michaud expects to replace these towers with tornadoes by pumping the hot water to a far-away location, heating the ground, and then using the turbines as fans to buy levitra now start the tornado rolling. Quickly, a tornado would form, causing the generic viagra buy hot air at the ground to funnel upward into the atmosphere, creating free cooling for the power plant and free power for the wind turbines.

The weather pattern would remain self-sustaining for as long as heat was supplied, and it would be unable to escape the plant unless the ground outside of the plant was the same heat or hotter than the pipes from the steam plant (which seems fairly unlikely...unless you're living in a Micheal Crichton which case you will probably fall in love with Helen Hunt, and that's all that will really matter in the end.)

Michaud hopes to build a four, ten, twenty and thirty meter scale version of the plant before finally moving to commercial scale. This will require a lot of R&D funding, but as Michaud expects the using cialis plants to not only make nuclear and coal power cheaper (by obviating cooling towers) but also create extremely inexpensive and continuous wind power, he hopes that investors will be ready to take on the challenge.

As long as they don't build one in my back yard

Via  The Star

Gigantor Wind Turbine Rated at 1 Gigawatt

As wind turbines get bigger, wind power gets cheaper. But the economies of scale are henceforth being blown to levitra 10mg new heights...and widths, and weights, with this gigantic maglev wind turbine.

The largest wind turbines in the world produce 5 megawatts of power. This monster would produce a full gigawatt...more than most nuclear power plants, enough to power 750,000 homes.

The turbine is colossal, with a footprint of roughly 100 acres. I can't find statistics onhow tall this thing is, but my guess is several hundred meters. It's huge, and it looks like it would be really quite expensive to build. But the owners of the patent are coming out with some astounding figures. Power could be produced at a price of as little as one cent per kilowatt, and investors would recuperate 100% of their money after just a single year.

Something tells me that these numbers won't be so astoundingly good after the design leaves the drawing board. But a 1 cent per kilowatt hour estimate leaves an awful lot of room before it becomes unmarketable.

The biggest problem, of course, is that it would be a huge addition to any landscape, and requires fairly significant wind speeds for maximum efficiency. We'll see if we can strike a compromise that allows people to have cheap power with a new two-hundred-meter-high neighbor on the horizon.

Via TreeHugger
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