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Wind Power

U.K. Offshore Wind Plan Making Huge Waves

I've seen some pretty sensational headlines concerning the U.K.'s new wind power plan, and I wanted to try and only here order levitra levitra clear up some of the fog. One headline every home in the U.K. COULD be powered by wind in 2020, another says half of the U.K.'s power will come from wind by 2020. This certainly sounds like good news...but which is it? Or is it neither?

Here's what it is: Gordon Brown's business secretary, John Hutton, announced that the Brown government is planning on opening 100% of the UK's coastline to wind development (excepting where it would interfere with shipping or fishing).

That statement, followed by a long series of "if"s, gets you to 33 gigawatts of wind by 2020. Those IFs include:

the U.K. will have 33 gigawatts of wind power online by 2020. During peak output, these turbines would be able to power every home in the U.K.. Which is another way of saying, just under half of the U.K.'s power consumption.

I hope I didn't make that more confusing...and I also hope I didn't dash anyone's dreams. But let's be realistic...2020 is pretty soon, and 33 gigawatts of capacity is a LOT to add to any system. Undoubtedly, this plan will take the U.K. to a new level of phizer viagra made in canada renewable energy and it is extremely exciting. We'll keep a close eye on brand name cialis overnight it as it progresses. Congratulations to the British!!

Via the BBC and The Times



Offshore Wind at an Affordable Price

Offshore wind is a relatively underexploited resource, with obstacles ranging from Cape Wind-like NIMBYism to the high infrastructure costs (and thus total costs) for installing systems out at sea. The idea of going toward floating wind turbines has been around awhile and Blue H Group looks to be one step closer to wow look it canadian pharmacy levitra making that idea a reality.

Blue H offshore wind farms are planned to be far out at sea, virtually invisible to the naked eye from shore. At such locations, the winds are stronger and are more constant, ideal for generating large quantities of clean and inexhaustible electricity.

Rather than installing the wind turbine foundations to literally be built into the seabed, however deep it might be, Blue H is "adapting the concept of submerged tension-legged platforms developed by the oil industry ... and designed a platform large and stable enough to support a tower and purchase of viagra or cialis etc a wind turbine."

According to Blue H, the Submerged Deepwater Platform (SDP) technology:

  • Reduces the overall weight of the structure (claiming a 60+% total reduction for a 5 mw system, from 2100 to 800 tons)
  • Can be built onshore / in a port and towed into place, 10 miles or more offshore in deep waters (more than 50 meters in depth), reducing the specialty requirements for heavy equipment like crane ships.
  • Enables placing the wind turbines/farms far enough offshore to minimize NIMBYism and to be able to getting even better wind
  • Can be dismantled/moved with little environmental impact

Helix Wind Turbine Could Halve Your Electric Bill

Home-based wind power solutions are, as of now, not extremely practical. A lot of them require significant height, a big initial investment, and some unfortunate regulatory hoops that must be jumped through.

But Helix Wind is attempting to overcome some of those obstacles with their 2-kilowatt rated wind turbine. First, the turbine spins no matter what direction the wind comes from (including vertically) so it can be mounted lower, and generates more energy in turbulent (urban) environments. The turbine can be mounted lower, so installation costs will be lower, and regulations less significant.

The folks at Helix are also ensuring us that the beauty of the Helix Wind turbine will make your neighbors jealous instead of irrationally, spitefully angry....but I don't think they've met my neighbors.

Keep reading for video of the Helix in action.


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Update on the Wind Belt and Shawn Frayne

Shawn Frayne's Windbelt is generating real excitement and resonance after winning Popular Mechanics' yearly Breakthrough Conference. Shawn has started up a company, Humdinger Wind, to market his device with the motto "wind energy reinvented." Now CEO, Shawn Frayne offers up some interesting "coming soon" developments. In a very (VERY) brief page, humdinger developer kits , the company promises "your very own Windbelt in a box, for schools, researchers, and independents ... Coming soon!"

To provide a little more information on the development process and motivating path:

Shawn Frayne, a member of a team from MIT and Petite Anse [Haiti] working in the area, recognized that instead of kerosene lamps, white LEDs powered by a very inexpensive wind generator might be able to better light homes and schools in the area. However, when Shawn tried to design this affordable, turbine-based wind generator, he hit a brick wall: turbine technology is too inefficient at these scales to be a viable option.

In other words, the key challenge was micro-power turbine sets. Frayne's claim is that for $1-5 the Windbelt can provide a generator that "can power two white LEDs and a radio" that "can be manufactured in Haiti." While the recommended site purchase of levitra power for "two white LEDs" might not go too far in a McMansion, they could provide revolutionary change for places like rural Haiti households. And, well, another Humdinger motto that is one for all EcoGeeks to embrace:


"Harder problems = Better inventions"

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