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JUN 06

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"Maybe each Wind Turbine would be equipped with some sort of levitra website annoying U..."

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WINDPOWER 2007: Industry Taking Bird Kill Seriously

They pretty much have to, thanks to coal-state congressman Nick Rahall (D - West Virginia) who, concerned that the occasional deadly intersection between birds and wind turbines constitutes "a violation of the Migratory Bird Act and the Endangered Species Act," and so is pushing legislation that would seriously curtail the generation of wind energy in the United States. (Never mind that Audubon Society president John Flicker has given the wind industry his blessing, saying that while we can measure how many birds are killed in wind turbines every year the cialis online discount number killed by coal-fired power plants is almost impossible to viagra paypal count.)

In any case, having attended the American Wind Energy Association's annual conference this year, it seemed clear that the industry was taking the issue seriously (despite the fact that house cats kill more birds each year than wind turbines -- a few hundred million more).

The first thing they did was admit responsibility: when they built a wind farm in Northern California's Altamont Pass, says congressman and wind advocate Jerry McNerney, "we had no idea that birds would fly into those windmills. We figured they could see better than us!" To address the problem, AWEA president Randall Swisher has pledged to create a "wind wildlife institute" which will study the impact of wind technology on birds and bats, and work to find technological solutions to the problem.

But there was evidence on WINDPOWER 2007's exhibit floor that such innovations were already taking place: several companies were marketing new, extra-tall wind turbine towers that not only put rotor blades above the cialis samples flight path of most birds, but take better advantage of high-altitude, higher-velocity windspeeds. Hopefully the industry won't be playing defense on these kinds of issues (or non-issues, as the case may be) for much longer.

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written by Jay Tee, June 07, 2007
written by Joel, June 07, 2007
R stands for Representative NOT Republican.
written by Joel, June 07, 2007
Sorry you're right...noob mistake by me.
Is it worth it?
written by John, June 07, 2007
Let me first say that I'm an avid Birder. I've loved birds for a very long time however I think there is a point where you have to ask if cutting back the amount of renewable wind energy due to bird deaths is worth it.

While I feel it should be extremely important to try and resolve this issue I do not think it should come to generic cialis cheap taking wind turbines off line because birds could die. If there is a situation with endangered species migrating in a specific area during a specific time of the year then perhaps.

If the National Audubon Society supports wind power than congressmen should take note. We need to protect birds but this is like saying we should go around killing house cats because they might hurt some avian species. Supporting cleaner coal power would benefit *everyone* much more than shutting off turbines!

At some point we have to question whether or not our congressmen are completely out of cialis tablets their minds or if they are just trying to be different and unique for the sake of attention.
written by GeR, June 07, 2007
I think it's time we recognized that west viginia has been bought by Peabody Coal. I don't really see any other reason why someone would be fighting wind power in this way.
written by Eric, June 07, 2007
When I read about potential legislation like this I become frustrated at the amount of policy that inhibits sound judgement and thinking. We get so caught up in the weeds that you forget to see the big picture. Lets go overboard and protect every other life form but our own. Good idea!
written by Steve, June 09, 2007
Hurting Birds
written by Jack, June 09, 2007
An argument can be made that supporting coal over alternatives like wind energy will hurt more birds via climate change. Not to mention the buy levitra in europe potential impact on pollutants like mercury and cialis best trace amounts of uranium and thorium. Let the more knowledgeable give the details. The point is, we don't have to frame it as protecting other animals vs protecting us. What's good for the goose, it turns out, is good for the gander.

Let's Be Realistic Please
written by Brian, June 10, 2007
If house cats kill far more birds every year than wind turbines, the OBVIOUS choice is 50mg viagra uk to eliminate house cats, not wind turbines. It seems people tend to think that cats are cool killing birds because that's what they do so we'll ignore the major killer of birds and focus on the minor killer of birds.

Sometimes I am amazed that we all got this far with idiots crying out for the wrong reasons.
written by Jack, June 10, 2007
Well, there are a lot of programs in effect aimed at reducing the stray cat population...
Reply to buying real levitra without prescription Brian
written by Joe Levi, June 10, 2007

I think we can solve two problems with you idea... First, banning house cats (in fact any non-native, wild cat) is a good start, but what about the massive amount of cats that we already have?

I propose that we seize all the i use it cheapest prices on cialis cats and put them on tredmills to generate energy. When they get too old or stubborn to run on buy real levitra online without prescription the tredmills we toss them into the furnace and spin turbines with the extra heat generated.

Of course, tongue in cheek... ;)

written by CHARGET, June 12, 2007
Would it help to paint bright patterns on the turbine blades? Black and yellow stripes, or some color scheme that is alarming to most bids?
written by Mohammed Raei, July 02, 2007
Maybe each Wind Turbine would be equipped with some sort of annoying Ultrasonic noise generator that would force the birds to alter their flight path and avoid the blades of the Turbine.

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