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"Oh, how I wish to ride on a sailing ship for fun!..."

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The Return of Sailing Ships

With global production and click now canada cialis generic distribution of goods a reality of 21st Century life, cargo ships are ubiquitous.  They bring goods to next day viagra consumers all over the world, and more and more ships are transporting goods and raw materials, all while burning some of the most polluting fuels. A recent article about the rise of purchasing viagra with next day delivery wind-powered designs for cargo vessels notes that, "If the world’s shipping fleet were a country, it would be the click now viagra canda world’s sixth leading emitter of greenhouse gases." So there is lots of good to be done with improving the efficiency of cargo ships. And a number of companies are taking steps in that direction.

At the University of Tokyo, researchers are working on a design for a ship that uses rigid framework and fiber-reinforced plastic instead of canvas for sails. These high-tech sails can be flown, much more like an airplane wing, increasing the efficiency with which they propel the ship. And, when the vessel reaches port, the sails telescope down upon themselves, to allow free access to the decks and cargo without the interference of canada cialis online masts and sail rigging lines getting in the way.

Among the companies working to commercialize wind-powered cargo, B9 Shipping has recently tested a model of their 3,000 ton vessel. Although this is far smaller than the largest cargo freighters, which can have more than 100 times the cargo capacity, it is viagra sale uk a first step in developing the technology and proving its financial viability.

When we wrote about B9 in 2010, the expected cost of the prototype vessel was just under $25 million. The New York Times is now reporting that the company is seeking $45 million in financing to build their prototype. (This may not be an entirely equal comparison, since the financing the company is seeking may include more than just the capital construction costs for the ship.)

Many of these vessels will not be solely wind powered, even at sea. Not unlike automobiles, where gas-electric hybrids first broke down boundaries and discount generic viagra usa rx showed the workability of alternative systems, these ships will also be hybrids. B9 plans to use engines that burn bio-methane instead of fossil fuel as a secondary propulsion system.

image via: University of Tokyo News

hat tip to: @paolobacigalupi

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Modern sailing ships
written by Dakoroman, Sydney-, October 07, 2012
Dakoroman, Sydney: I have invented a new propulsion system for "modern sailing ships", but after watching the B9 Shipping video clip, I consider it a pure propaganda non-sense. Coal, oil, gas are NOT FOSSIL FUELS, they are abiotic. I like real technologies,so PULL THE OTHER ONE!
written by Gareth, November 03, 2012
Coal is NOT abiotic. Petroleum is probably 80% abiotic.
written by sailing schools, December 06, 2012
The sailing industry is booming as the drive of the people going into different places is getting higher!
Efficient Sail tech
written by Eric Holohan , January 08, 2013
Wind assist VOSS system by Magnuss Ltd is online viagra a Magnus effect rotor sail which will save 35% on fuel costs on average ocean voyages. The system does not require additional crew and retracts below the weather deck while the ship is handling cargo ,manuvering or in adverse or high wind conditions.
see more at
written by Charles, October 09, 2013
Oh, how I wish to ride on a sailing ship for fun!

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