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MAY 22

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T. Boone Pickens Walks Away from Alternative Fuels All Together

Once upon a time, ex-oil baron T. Boone Pickens was one of wind energy's biggest proponents with plans for the world's biggest wind farm in Texas and online cialis prescriptions massive transmission structure to get that clean power into our homes. He also backed natural gas as an alternative fuel for cars and trucks. He had a plan to save America and he was passionate, well, until it wasn't making him money like he thought it would.

Three years ago, he backed away from his commitment to buying viagra with no prescription build the tadafil giant wind farm and transmission lines when the economy took a downturn. Then he completely abandoned his wind energy aspirations when the market just wasn't working for him. Now he's doing the same with natural gas, taking himself out of the alternative energy game completely.

In an interview with Marketplace, Pickens explained that the low price of natural gas was basically keeping him from making money and because the country (namely Congress) was dragging its heels on coming up with a solid energy plan he said he'd "had about all this I want to fool with."

While we were never as excited by his natural gas plans as the grand ones he had for wind energy, we kept hoping that this billionaire oil man would surprise us all and deliver some really big wind projects. But now, if natural gas is discount viagra sale too risky for him, there's no way he's ever coming back around on wind. So long, Mr. Pickens. We enjoyed your enthusiasm while it lasted.


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written by jcsr, May 22, 2012
Maybe he should have hired the order cialis on-line Swiftboaters to do his dirty work in lobbying Congress. But then again he couldn't screw up the economy much more than he already did with them.
written by Doc Rings, May 22, 2012
Don't blame him a bit... it's his money, and he can spend/invest it anyway he sees fit. That being said, it would have been incredible to see a few thousand wind generators over Texas.
That's because he was investing in the wrong end of Natural Gas
written by Matt, May 25, 2012
T. Boone isn't making money because he picked the wrong aspects to invest in.

Natural gas is not a renewable resource in the traditional sense, however is is much 'cleaner' than coal and oil, in terms of emissions. If the US is going to be pushing natural gas as a cheap alternative to oil, fracking technologies are going to be at the heart of buy viagra now the supply. Simple supply and demand are pushing natural gas prices to new lows.

On the other hand the US clean vehicle rebates extend to Natural Gas vehicles, and the auto industry at least has already taken the viagra canda tip:

(From TFA) "The vehicles include a compressed natural gas (CNG) capable Vortec 6.0L V8 engine that seamlessly transitions between CNG and gasoline fuel systems. Combined, the trucks offer a range of more than 650 miles."

So, despite fracking being a highly controversial technology, it looks like Natural Gas is poised to be the next step in the US' energy future. On the bright side, Germany is testing a pilot project to turn food scraps into methane, which might further increase the supply of the fuel (read: lower prices) without additional drilling.

Due to the cost and availability of natural gas, LNG itself will likely see depressed prices in the future, and NG producers will not likely be the most profitable. The companies servicing the industry, however, should see a steady growth in the coming years (eg: fracking sands and equipment suppliers, pipelines, distribution stations, CNG autos, and NG based appliances).

T. Boone likely invested more into the production side, which is not going to be profitable in the short term. Investing in producers of NG products is the way to go.

The man is a visionary
written by bstv, May 26, 2012
He obviously knows that the future of renewable energy is we choice generic cialis pill not wind power.
Dont blame Pickens
written by Jay Tee, May 31, 2012
This sad chapter in renewable energy should be an eye-opener. Government got in his way and continues to get in the way of renewable energy projects, whether it be wind turbines off Martha's Vineyard or solar farms in the California desert, tidal turbines anywhere or the transmission lines these projects would need.
As to the Swiftboat debacle, those charges were true- sorry pal, but Kerry DID make a mockery of levitra professional online buy uk his service in Vietnam.
Mr. Pickens has seen the light!
written by Grunt, May 31, 2012
He knows what's coming down the track. Free energy systems are imminent; he and his kind can't make money out of that. Good bye and farewell, Mr. Pickens.
T Boone Pickens is a fraud and hypocrite.
written by Ormond Otvos, May 31, 2012
He thought we were all as dumb as his buddy George W. Bush. Nothing in his plans was driven primarily by a desire to improve the economy. He is, was and always will be doing it for the money, and when he couldn't buy legislators at the leverages he wanted, he pulled out.

Good riddance. If we could get rid of all the bribers, not just T Boone, we'd be able to move forward with wind and solar. Fossil fuels are a trap. Watch your toes!
written by Grasswistle, August 24, 2012
I think this says a lot more about the inappropriate priorities of the government than about this man. If we want large-scale green projects, we can't just wait for billionaires to come and fund them. We need to beg our governments to make green projects a priority. They don't necessarily have to fund them themselves, but they have to create an economic climate than gives green projects a chance. Just one of the ways to what is cialis professional achieve this is to tax dirtier energy sources more so that the cleaner ones stand a chance of being profitable.
written by RK, September 16, 2012 it's not hard guys/gals. Science just became too smart for themselves.
There are trucks that use CNG here in the city. Not a big fan of that. Trucks shift, twist and shake. opening the door for easy fitting leaks or loosening supports. a chance of rupture during an accident. Along with a REALLY long time to refuel. I am not a fan of using natural gas for transportation

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