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MAY 27

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"...and we wait for the correction......"

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Google and Citibank Invest in World's Largest Wind Farm

Google and Citibank are investing $55 million apiece in the cheep daily cialis Alta Wind Energy Center, a new wind farm in California. Parts of the Alta project are already completed and producing power. The newly announced investments will be in the fourth phase of the project.

The Alta Wind Energy Center will take the title of buy levitra on line the largest wind power project when it is completed, when it will cover over 50 square miles. The complete facility will ultimately produce more than 1500 megawatts of electricity and will increase California's total wind power production by 30%.

image: CC 2.0 by Calc-tufa via BoingBoing

via: CBC News and BoingBoing

[Edited to correct units: 1500 MW]

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written by Carl, May 27, 2011
That must be 1.5 gigawatts...? smilies/tongue.gif
written by Brian, May 27, 2011
The "1.5 megawatts" figure for the whole facility must be wrong. There are individual windmills that can deliver that.
written by Peter, May 27, 2011
Better hope that's 1.5 GW and not 1.5 MW.
written by Jeff, May 28, 2011
...and we wait for the correction...

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