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FEB 11

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Renewables Supplied 75% of Spain's Electricity on January 6

On January 6, renewable energy made up a record-breaking 75 percent of Spain's electricity.  Over the course of the indian cialis day, coal only accounted for four percent of the electricity supply.

On that day, conditions must have been ideal for renewable energy production, but even on any given day, Spain is cranking out some clean energy.  Spanish power transmission company Red Electrica reports that in 2010, renewable energy sources supplied 35 percent of all of Spain's electricity, which means the country surpassed its goal of having 30 percent of its energy come from renewable sources by 2010 and has almost hit its target of 35.5 percent by 2020 way ahead of schedule.

Last year, coal-fired power in Spain dropped 34 percent and gas-fired power dropped 17 percent leading to a 20 percent cut in emissions.

It's completely inspiring to see a country making such significant progress on levitra oral gel upping renewable energy production and slashing fossil fuel use.

via Greenpeace

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Spain is leading the charge!
written by Garden Girl, February 13, 2011
Last year I visited Andalucia and was amazed and impressed to see the number of buy no rx cialis wind turbines and pv farms... it struck me that high tech companies - and jobs - will follow the source of cheap electricity; and if it's not cheap now it will be in a few years time.
I commend the Spanish authorities for having the foresight to solve power problems today rather than UK and US governments who are happy to follow link buy chinese herbal viagra leave the pfizer viagra cheap problem for others to solve in the future.
Spanish economy
written by Niels, February 14, 2011
Wish we could say the same about the Spanish economy, which is obviously not doing so well.

Then again we should commend them for being so brave, investing in companies across the country and abroad to develop renewables. This will help smaller countries or countries with less renewable energy potential to get technologies at more feasible economics at a faster pace.
75% ?
written by Pete, February 19, 2011
Could someone provide a source for the 75% (on January 6th) claim? I couldn't find a mention of that on the Red Electrica site.
Congratulations to Spain
written by David NicholsonCole, February 23, 2011
No, this is not about the World Cup, its for achieving this magnificent contribution to reducing CO2 emission by investing so heavily in Renewable Electricity. There are many knockers and only today viagra viagra online critics, but the cialis online shop govt have been brave enough to press on with the policy despite the global economic turndown of the last 3 years.
written by TJ, February 24, 2011
Way to go Spain.
written by SherryGreens, February 25, 2011
That is amazing! I wish that kind of commitment would happen here!
Way to go Espana
written by Jessica Janes, March 10, 2011
I think that picture is visit web site online cialis of Idaho, but good job leading the way in helping the environment.
written by Alberto, March 16, 2011
I am sure this is not true. Can you verify the correct %?
written by SolidApollo Team, March 28, 2011
I don't think this is true, as most of the electricity is through solar panels. Also there has been a lot of generic viagra from china scamming with solar panels, as electric companies in spain, like Iberdrola and Endesa, have paid premium to but the electricity supposedly from Solar panel farm, later to discover that it was produces with diesel engine buried underground.

Spain has rejected the creation of Nuclear plants and therefore most of the electricity is imported from france. Right now Spanish people are paying around 0.18C of Euro per KW!.
written by SolidApollo Team, March 28, 2011
I looked at the official data in wikipedia and other sources and it seems its around 30% the energy supplied by Renewables

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