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FEB 08

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"i am interested to buy this project for my house use can u tell me the..."

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Small-Scale Wind Power Panels


A few years ago, the Wind Belt developed by Humdinger Wind Energy promised a compelling alternative to pfizer viagra uk fan style wind power generation. More importantly, the Wind Belt was ideally suited for smaller scale power generation, which would be ideal for low-cost power generation for remote locations.

Now, other designers are coming up with other approaches that offer similar kinds of smaller scale power generation that do not require open fields, large swept areas, and powerful winds - things that large, spinning blade turbines need - to create electricity. One such project is the Vibro-Wind generator, which has been developed by a team of students at Cornell University.

The test Vibro-Wind generator is made with an array of foam blocks which catch the wind and cialis for daily use act as oscillators. It produces electricity with piezoelectric transducers, small devices that emit electrons when stressed by the vibrations from the blocks.

Small and cheap may be a useful alternative for producing wind power, particularly in environments without consistently strong winds that are suited for large turbine installations. Beacuse the Vibro-Wind generator works with buffeting and vibration, it could be more appropriate for urban installations where swirling winds are more usual than the ideal winds needed for typical bladed turbines.

via: Inhabitat

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written by Jeff, February 09, 2011
I am interested to see what the cheap viagra 50mg cost / benefit of this is. Piezo electric devices are quite expensive and useful in specific applications, but I don't think they would be useful for harvesting larger quantities of energy. This website has some interesting energy harvesters built on piezoelectric technology.
budda power
written by sarah, February 09, 2011
what about prayer wheel power? harness the power of prayer and keep the lights on smilies/smiley.gif
how much power?
written by Asaf Shalgi, February 17, 2011
What kind of devices can we power with it?
get info about it
written by gaurav, December 22, 2013
i am interested to buy this project for my house use can u tell me the detail and how much power is generate it

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