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OCT 02

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"Unfortunately this still is only approaching the price of coal, which ..."

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World's Largest Wind Farm Completed in Texas

It's official.  Texas is now home to the world's largest wind farm.  The 781.5 MW Roscoe wind complex has been completed and where can i purchase levitra went live last night at 9:00 p.m.

Built by E.ON Climate & Renewables, the $1 billion farm covers 100,000 acres of land across four counties in West Texas and will be able to power more than 230,000 homes.  The company erected the 627 turbines and made deals with 300 different land owners in just two years time.

E.ON is now moving on to even bigger things -- the London Array, which is cialis one a day set to be the largest offshore wind farm in the world with 630 MW being installed in just its first phase.

Roscoe will probably only hold the title as the best online levitra world's largest for a short amount of time as ever larger wind farm plans pop up around the world, especially in China.

via AP

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written by bill, October 03, 2009
$1.28 per W, a good price.
written by Gadget Sleuth, October 03, 2009
Good for everyone, and good especially for Texas. Great idea.
written by Roman, October 04, 2009 always big. I remember in school we use to have Texas donuts which were 3 times the size of buy levitra online us normal donuts.

But unlike the donuts, worlds largest wind farm is something to be proud of.
written by john, October 05, 2009
What is that in the foreground? It looks like a sea of skulls.
written by Glenn, October 05, 2009
So, it makes me wonder just why we are even building coal plants anymore. If the cost to build them is roughly on a par with wind, the cost to operate them must surely be greater.

"A traditional coal power plant costs approximately $1,300 per kilowatt hour of generation capacity. Therefore, a 500 megawatt plant costs about $650 million"

I guess it brings up another quesion. How much electricity will a nominal 780MW wind farm have produced over 12 months vs. a similarly sized coal plant?
cost of coal
written by kurdt, October 23, 2009
Unfortunately this still is only approaching the price of coal, which wins in that it is a robust technology, meaning the maintenance costs are both known and low (thousands of moving parts on those turbines) so even if the initial cost is the same for wind coal will beat it in the long run.

Of courses, we're still developing wind, as even China has recognized the viagra tablet environment can't be trashed forever. Fixed and recurring costs will come down. The important point is that both wind and solar have dropped below the cost of nuclear, and will continue to drop as the price of coal increases.

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