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APR 06

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" It is unfortunate that for every good invention there is it's cool real levitra online a down sid..."

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The Bird Turbine Myth

{mosimage}This morning TreeHugger published a wonderful article on the true effects of wind turbines on birds.  Summary:  Yes, if you put something in the ground that birds can fly into, they'll fly into it.  But, no, turbines are not nearly as destructive as cars, buildings, or even the powerlines used to carry power from the wind fields.  Great article, very in depth, worth a read.  Well done John Laumer.
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Animals are not real bright.
written by Fred Waymire, March 14, 2008
It is unfortunate that for every good invention there is a down side. Even as children we had to learn some hard lessons. In spite of being warned by our parents we still fell down the generic levitra from canada stairs, slammed our hand in the car door, fell off of the fence and we occasionally died. This is life.
Birds are really not very bright. They learn the hard way just as we humans do. We are not as delicate as the bird, we can run into the wall and get back up. It is just the way things are. I will tell you that the transformer that sat on the pole at our home has killed at least two Eagles and three Raccoons. All of these were from electric shock. In all of the time that I lived there no birds died by flying into the power pole or our home and shop. But I have seen it happen at times and places. It always bothers me to see any animal or human do themselves in by their ignorance. I however will not stop living my life or stop improving my enviroment just because some bird might happen to how to buy viagra in canada learn the hard lesson. If I had to choose between a bird striking my wind machine and the ability to heat and light my home, the answer is a simple one. I will not live like a caveman just because birds like many humans are just plain ignorant.
There is a point where radical activists need to evaluate their mental status. I found that most Animal activists that I have met would think nothing about murdering their own child in the womb. But will waste away their life trying to protect animals from their own ignorance. Many days I enjoy watching the Elk and best place to buy viagra online Deer wandering near our home. And as my freezer gets empty I will shoot one to fill it up for the long winter. I take no particular pleasure in ending their life. I am always grateful for their sacrifice to my family. This is their lot in life animals have their place, sometimes it's death by old age other times they are dinner.
In summary when I find an animal rights activist that never rides any vehicle of any kind, does not wear dead animals on his feet or hands, lives in a cave without any electricity. This is the only Radical Activist that I will spend a moment of online levitra canadian my life on or listen to. Some times we have to weigh the good of the many against the unfortunate misjudgements of the ignorant.

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