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JUL 27

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"Cant wait to see whats going to happen in the years to come, will this..."

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Flywheel Power Storage Coming On Line

windturbinesFlywheel-based utility power storage is tramadol oline no prescription one method for dealing with the variability of power from renewable sources such as wind and buy viagra overnight solar that may be more variable in their output than engineered power plant systems. Utilities like to provide an even level of power, and problems can occur in the grid when power production and power demand are not coordinated.

Using flywheel systems allows for load balancing - adding power when production levels fall below the demand for power, and then storing excess when the production level exceeds that demand. Otherwise, power utilities need to use other methods, such as gas turbine power plants to levitra website adjust the levitra buying online power level.

Beacon Power has installed its second megawatt-sized, flywheel-based energy storage system connected to the grid in New England, and is providing energy storage and load balancing for the New England ISO.

This first made news on EcoGeek a couple of years ago when Beacon first sought approvals for grid connection. Now, they have had one system installed and operating since last fall and have a second system now part of the grid infrastructure. At present, these represent only a tiny fraction of a percent of even just the production capacity of link for you levitra available in india the New England grid. But these systems are proving their functional and economic viability, and more of them will find their way onto the forthcoming smart grid in the coming years.

via: AWEA News

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But how much energy does it store?
written by James Deale, July 27, 2009
It says its a 1mW flywheel? Does this mean it can output 1mW? or can it store 1 MW hour of electricity?

Without the above information the buy ultram cheap article means nothing.

am i being stupid or is the reporter of the source article
written by Gio, July 27, 2009
Typically for fw 1mw means 1mw for some seconds. In this case it gives litlle idea of the power but not specify the energy.
Other thing it does not say that each flywheel actually has noticeable power losses, even if fully levitating as I think is the beacon one.
Giovanni zanei
1MW, .25MHw
written by Carl Hage, July 27, 2009
The Beacon power flywheels are intended for 15 minutes max of power. Each of 10 units (in a 1MW configuration) has 25kWh at
100kW peak power. This just supplies electricity while power plants get turned on/off (or up/down). This power for regulating the grid is sold at a premium (many times retail price), so justifies a large price. The small capacity means it's suitable for compensating for wind power variations of us viagra a few minutes, but not as storage for peak/off-peak shifting.

In theory, the "smart grid" would allow adjustment of demand and could easily beat installed flywheels or other generation.
Game changer for fast grid response
written by BCON, July 28, 2009
BCON is on the verge of being a game changer,
do some research and cheap tramadol india see. They also just got $43 millio from the DOE.
written by Fred, July 28, 2009
Cant wait to see whats going to happen in the years to come, will this get better.

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