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JUN 18

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"Technology has gone to a new height..."

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High Altitude Wind Could Power Big Cities and cialis Beyond

The Carnegie Institution and California State University have published new research that shows that high altitude winds could power the world 100 times and the greatest sources of wind energy are found above some of the world's largest population centers in East Asia, the eastern U.S., southern Australia and north-eastern Africa.

The study looked at measurements compiled over 28 years by the cialis cheapest National Center for Environmental Prediction and the DOE.  What resulted is the first high-altitude wind energy maps that plot wind energy density (kW/m2) around the globe.  The high population areas have an average high-altitude wind energy density of 10kW/m2 compared to the average ground level wind energy density of less than 1kW/m2New York City has the highest wind energy density of a major city at 16kW/m2.

Researchers say the best place to capture this great source of energy is up near the jet streams at around 30,000 feet.  The wind is 10 times faster than on the best price generic levitra ground there and also blows much more steadily, making it ideal for wind power generation.  As exciting as that is, it presents the large challenge of figuring out how to capture wind energy that high above the ground.  One idea that has been proposed is high-flying kite turbines that are tethered to the ground.  The current designs could potentially generate 40 MW of electricity and transmit it back down the tether.

Beyond just building the technology to harness those high winds, even the most steady winds stop blowing occasionally - about five percent of the time - so energy storage would also be a major factor in this type of generic viagra overnight renewable energy.

via Physorg

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written by Andy, June 18, 2009
The wind in the jet stream stop blowing occasionally? If this is viagra without a prescription legal true, wouldn't that create issues with keeping the viagra next day kite up in the air and cialis professional 20 mg preventing it from falling when the wind stops/slows?
Andy, I think you are right. Stop blowing or even slow would kill.
written by jello, June 19, 2009
Imagine a 7 mile long cable even sagging down into the streets of NY.

Even a momentary sag of a few hundred feet followed by a gust that snaps it up again could destroy buildings and kill people
You don't think the engineers would take that into account?
written by Matthew, June 19, 2009
What if a train derailed? What if all the natural gas power plants blew up? What if your gas tank on your car blew up? I mean it is attached to a combustion engine right?

Surely the engineers designing this kite system would attach it to...I donno an electric motor that would take up the slack?
written by solargroupies, June 19, 2009
If the jet stream stopped blowing, would it make a sound?
written by David, June 19, 2009
Carbon nanotubes anyone?

The kite could be part kite windturbine and part sailplane with an AI autopilot. Interesting concept.
a turbine can work as a motor as well
written by some bastard engineer, June 20, 2009
the most simple way I can think of to keep these kite up there during that "5% of idle time" would be to keep the cialis free sample rotor moving always at a minimun speed, consuming just the necessary energy for that. Since it's supposed to be working very steadily, the consumed energy should be a small, affordable fraction of the total energy production.
Stop the destructive path of coal Industry leaders and put our money and our efforts toward Wind Power!
written by THE COAL HARD TRUTH, June 29, 2009
Certainly more tests will need to be done and things will need to be weeded out in order to make this successful. I strongly believe that if we take the money that Coal companies use to free levitra cover up their own asses as well as the priceless cost of pollution and land decapitation due to harmful coal emissions, we are left with more than enough money to create alternative energy solutions like wind power. Put an end to the dirty lies of visit web site cialis online pharmacy Coal industries now and cialis doses check out to find out more and to see how you can help the cause!
written by Fred, July 08, 2009
Technology has gone to a new height

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