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Australia Gets OK for 1 GW Wind Farm

Plans for the 1-GW Silverton Wind Farm in New South Wales, Australia have been approved. When completed, it will be the largest in the country.

The wind farm will take up 80,000 acres of land in the outback and generic levitra effective will generate enough electricity for 430,000 homes. The $2 billion project will be built by German renewable energy company Conergy.

The first stage of construction will begin in early 2010 and will see the installation of 282 turbines, with 598 turbines planned in total. The government of click now viagra buyviagra onlin New South Wales says that this project, along with others planned for the area, will eventually prevent six million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

This large project will help the country to meet its goal of having 20 percent of its electricity come from renewables by 2020 by representing 10 percent of the amount of renewable energy needed.

via BBC

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written by LS, June 10, 2009
I don't think that Conergy is Germany's largest ENERGY company.

"Germany's largest energy company Conergy"
written by bill gates, June 11, 2009
Power at a cost of $2 per install watt, a great price.
written by solargroupies, June 11, 2009
Sounds like the sale viagra Aussies have their priorities straight. While the US is spendingbillions on "clear the car lot" legislation so consumers can be subsidized to buy more fossil-fuel inefficient cars, Australians are spending billions on clean energy. The answer is blowing in the wind!
Good news
written by Tom, June 16, 2009
This is good to hear - I'm hoping to hear about more wind farms being built in the near future!
written by MIT Chemist, June 21, 2009
It is not such a great idea to wow look it cialis 50mg take up more living space for wind farms. It's true I don't know how much of this farm was actually "living space" before hand. Still, powering only 430,000 homes with 80,000 acres of windmills is a waste of the land and our money because there are more efficient technologies, like solar and nuclear power, which will have a much greater impact on reducing our carbon footprint in the future without sacrificing already scarce living space in the present. If the wind farm idea is say brought to China and the U.S., much more densely inhabited than Australia, the efficiency for the amount of space is not worth it. You would be destroying wild life and forests to make these wind farms, and the land would be taken forever because the land must be completely cleared. There are very few places where you can build these things - areas with strong winds that blow virtually always in the same direction - this doesn't apply to many places around the world. We should spend 2 billion dollars on more efficient and more widely applicable technologies that are closer to solving the problem.
@MIT Chemist
written by sendai, June 26, 2009
China, USA, Australia all have large swathes of deserts, usable for either solar or wind electricity-generation (and not much else besides.) For countries that do not have deserts/tundras, many have off-shore areas that are ideal for wind-farms.

In this case the BBC article gives a better approximate regarding where this particular farm is viagra where to buy going, and if the studies have shown that there are sufficient winds to exploit, there's no better use for the land than as a wind-farm (yes, it really is in the "outback".)

In addition, the winds do not have to come from one direction, you'd be hard-pressed to it's cool budget levitra find wind-turbines without yawing mechanism.

Very approximate area for the wind-farm:

P.S. EcoGeek, your 'spam-filter' sucks.
written by Fred, July 08, 2009
Australia is making great improvements

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