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FEB 06

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";D Good news are good news if America is doing great and pfizer online viagra Wind power g..."

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US Officially Leads World in Wind

The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), a consortium of wind power supporters, based out of Brussels has announced some news that will have a lot of us pretty geeked. Last year, they revealed, showed tremendous gains in the wind market, growing 28.8 percent, to reach 120 GW of installed capacity.

Steve Sawyer, Secretary General of GWEC adds, "The 120 GW of global wind capacity in place at the end of 2008 will produce 260 TWh and save 158 million tons of canada cheap levitra CO2 every year."

In the race fight climate change, and move away from geopolitically volatile, deletable fossil fuels, wind offers the promise of oodles of largely untapped power. As Bob Dylan would say, "The answer my friends, is blowing in the wind."

Last year the U.S. started to exploit this resource in earnest, with 50 percent growth, to reach 25 GW of capacity. The big news is that for the first time the levitra india U.S. seized the world lead in wind power production, wresting it from former champion Germany.

This year, Germany came in a close second at 24 MW, while alternative-energy-friendly-Spain filled in at third. China, though, perhaps earns the biggest pat on the back for taking fourth place after managing to double its growth for the fourth year in a row. If it continues on this pace, it may soon seize the wind power lead, and help get the coal power monkey off its back.

Cost wise, wind is relatively affordable, almost as cheap as coal and nuclear, and significantly cheaper than solar. However, the unprecedented wind power growth also brings challenges. The young industry has yet to figure out a good scheme to store power to offset its variable nature, much like solar. However, with money and projects flowing in like, well... the wind, the industry seems ready to tackle such a challenge.
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We're "leading" in wind?
written by Steve Bergman, February 07, 2009
Wow. The United States, with 4 times the population and 30 times the land area edges out Germany by a slim 4 percent and is thus "leading the cheap us viagra world" in wind power. I'm so overwhelmed.

Our per capita wind power consumption is only a quarter that of Germany, while our overall per capita energy consumption is through the roof compared to any European country... or *any* other country, for that matter.

Far from "leading the World", we suck... bigtime.
written by Laurel, February 07, 2009
I agree. This kind of statistic needs to be reported on a per capita basis, otherwise it's misleading.
Absolute figures are deceiving
written by jvr, February 07, 2009
According to my calculations Denmark remains world leader in wind power since they produce the most per person.

More than 50% of the country's energy supply comes directly from renewable energy sources, making it the country that depends least on fossile fuels for the production of electricity, and in my opinion world leader
written by Clinch, February 07, 2009
Leading the world in wind... or leading the world in hot air? (see what I did there)
Get a grip people!
written by Steve the Oracle, February 07, 2009
Of course we need to progress in wind and solar. The America bashers are always out in force anytime the cialis from canadian pharmacy word "green" is used. Remember that the friend of the earth is capitalism. As these sources begin to stand on canada online pharmacy propecia marketplace merit they will have a greater role in energy production That is the motivation that will create the follow-through that is wanted.

China? riiight. Check their coal usage and oil consumption projections for the next ten years and lowest viagra price then give "percentage" increase figures as a testament to the shining example they give.
While the Eco-lemmings have a Gore-gasm on carbon credits making Al and his cronies rich, ten years from now will prove that fossil fuels will continue to women cialis be a major fuel source component for the world and as the sunspots diminish, the Kool-aid drinking Pop-climatologists will realize they've been duped by the viagra overnight delivery Warming crowd...

Was your dreadlocks and clean the bong screen people, you've been played.

America Sucks?
written by Adam F, February 08, 2009
Far from "leading the World", we suck... bigtime.
- Steve Bergman

So, leave the United States. If America sucks, move to Nepal, where they hardly contribute at all to emissions.
Leading the world
written by eric, February 08, 2009
America leads the world in political dishonesty, aggression, environmental degradation and in the sheer numbers of retards it has per capita.

Please spare us this pathetic attempt to portray your country as green. The greenest attribute of the US is bile.
Go America!
written by Kenny Canuck, February 09, 2009
This Canadian loves the Americans. If they finally wake up to the insanity of being based on oil they are dynamic enough to make massive changes to their economy. The major benefit will be to cut the legs off the Arabs and the discount generic viagra online Russians politically.

I hope the Americans find an alternative to oil and change the world. If anyone does, it will be the Americans. Everyone still wants to move to your country, its the second best country in the world (next to Canada ;) ).
written by Steve Bergman, February 09, 2009
So, leave the United States. If America sucks, move to Nepal, where they...

Adam F, you demonstrate the root cause of my native country's problems so very succinctly.
written by Steve the Oracle, February 10, 2009
Leading the world
written by eric , February 08, 2009
America leads the world in political dishonesty, aggression, environmental degradation and in the sheer numbers of retards it has per capita.

The only bile secreted here is yours. America's by no means perfect, but show me the innovations of the socialist regimes that you apparently hold in high regard. Wear you Che t-shirt with pride and believe what the socialist/progressives want you to believe. Remember Mussolini was originally loved by the world and that turned out wonderfully. the EU doesn't produce anything except classicism and buy generic cialis online socialist programs. Capitalism, although someitmes brutish, gives the only real pathway towards motivated development. Total up all of the aid and development money and compared it to the drop in the bucket given by the rest of the world, then whine.

Or don't. Wear your Che shirt with ignorant pride.
and regurgitate bile.

Please spare us this pathetic attempt to portray your country as green. The greenest attribute of the US is bile.
I'll say it again..
written by Nobody, February 11, 2009
... wind is a dangerous source of power. Wind is part of our climate. It carries seeds, allows migration, distributes heat, moves soil and water. When we start removing GJ of energy, do you really think it will have no effect? The only remotely safe source of energy is solar.
See the positives.
written by Muhammad, February 18, 2009
I think we should not bash any country for doing more or less. What is important here is that all these countries have tremedous growth rates in the last few years in harnessing the power of wind (and other alt energy sources) and the encouraging thing is that collectively this will help reduce global warming for the WHOLE world we all share.
Ho Ho Ho! Green Giant!
written by MajorAluminumm, February 21, 2009
The seed of wind power has only begun to sprout into the giant it will become.Conservation can happen overnight.
per capita isn't everything
written by Greg Steele, March 30, 2009
I have recently encountered an argument against cap and trade which states that “all the cap and trade money would go to follow link levitra and women other nations that are so far ahead of us in wind and solar.” This bit of information, that American now produces more GW than any other nation, effectively counters that argument. In terms of American’s ability benefit from cap and trade the per capita static is not relevant.
America can do it!
written by Daniel D Martin, August 11, 2010
smilies/grin.gif Good news are good news
if America is doing great and Wind power generation is growing rapidly that is a good thing ,for us and the rest of the world ,since fossil fuels are perishables sooner or later and the Petro nations are flooded with oil money ,we need to change that equation
Free America and the World of oil dependency!

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