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World's Largest Turbine: One Powers 5000 Homes

It was almost a year ago that we told you about Enercon's previous absolutely-massive, largest-in-the-world wind turbine, the E-112. Well now Enercon's outdone itself once again with a 126 meter diameter wind turbine called (of course) the E-126.

Holy frikkin' crap! Not only is it larger than the E-112, it contains a slew of innovations that increase the efficiency of the conversion from motion to electrical energy. As a result, the turbine might produce as much as seven megawatts of electricity. Yes, that is a whole megawatt larger than the E-112. And, yes, it's enough power to fuel more than 5,000 European homes.

Two of the massive turbines were recently installed in Emden, Germany, and are officially being listed as prototypes. As of yet, no full farms are using the turbine, but with a power rating like that, they can't be far off. The advantages of the E-126 over the E-112 include easier transportation and installation due to modular design and light-weight materials. New complex blade designs that decrease resistance of the tower and increase capture of wind energy and an extra 11 meters in height, that push it just that much further into the faster, more constant higher winds.

You can read more about it in Enercon's yearly report (PDF.) I've also searched far and wide for the best and finest pictures of this rather impressive feat, and you can find those after the jump.

Spotted at MetaEfficient

Yes...there are little tiny men in there...if you look close enough, you can see them.

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Go Germans
written by Enrique, February 03, 2008
While the U.S. Congress still debating wheather global warming is real, Germany is on full blown production on alternative energy.
Go Germany!!!
Yeh, Go Germany.
written by Deathridesahorse, February 04, 2008
I think about 100 of these could power our city of Perth, Western Australia.

How much are they?
written by BAronBig, February 04, 2008
Quality invention,
every city should purchase 100!
They are not an eyesore, it could be the best addition to a city skylines since the pyramids were built!!
What about the noise.
written by farang, February 04, 2008
Maybe not an eyesore, but if they put those huges stuffs near my home I'm not sure to rejoice if they are noisy...
written by TopSod, February 04, 2008
They can't really be called an eyesore when you compare them to that of a nuclear power plant. They take up less room, are far easier on the eye, and they don't render the sale levitra land useless.
I'm all for them. ;D
Wind Energy
written by Bobsgal, February 04, 2008
The times they are a changin! Check out these residential wind turbines at a very affordable price for individual home owners. I considered geothermal energy but this is a far more viable and affordable option. This coupled with the Solcool solar air heater/cooler and wow it's great cialis online without prescription solar water heater would be quite the green house for a fraction of the cost of other options. Why have such huge turbines when each house can support itself... Each Apartment building too!
Wind Energy
written by Bobsgal, February 04, 2008
Eh.... yes it would help to put the web address.
Change spending
written by Jurgen, February 04, 2008
If we could use the money some countries spend on the war against terror to get these Turbines going... what a beautiful world! ;) I reckon Cairns only needs 20 of these machines!
written by ian, February 04, 2008
Very Nice.

Hundreds of these monsters should be sited in the Bass Strait, far from land, happily churning out electric power. A lot of that strait is only 50 m deep.

A line of them accompanied by a railway line and farms of solar panels would look pretty smart between Brisbane,Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. This would revolutionize transport, and clean up our Carbon emissions act.
Wind energy and the future
written by Wind energy and the future, February 04, 2008
The main problem with these types of turbines are their inability to generate that peek performance level of 7 megawatts all the time. It’s a damn shame too, but as a nice addition to the power grid reducing the demand for base load and filling in for peek load when needed these are incredible innovations.

Just be careful not to think that every city in the world should jump on the bandwagon and aim for one type of power generation. 100 might be enough to power a large city, but if the wind stops blowing for a day in the middle of the summer then we have a big problem.

A mixture of solar, wind, geothermal, tidal (which is really neat in my opinion) and yes even nuclear (for base load support) and natural gas to fill in when wind, solar and other alternatives are not enough for peak load would probably be the best solution.
Great innovation!
written by Abdel Olakara, February 04, 2008
Tapping wind and other natural energy sources is very important as we have the "global-warming" threat. Major cities around the world should have these installed.
written by scarab, February 04, 2008
They should install an LED system on the blades so when the blades spin you can display messages, perhaps it could display the best viagra tons of coal not consumed.
Very rough comparison
written by PumpyChowdown, February 04, 2008
Let's assume that each turbine costs $100 million (more likely $10 - $20 mil). The War of Terror has cost the US $500 BILLION thus far. That's 25 MILLION homes it could have powered! And that if they cost $100 million each, which I'm sure they wouldn't if mass produced. Methinks some decision makers policies are misguided.
Too bad the left in the US opposes techn
written by mojo_jojo, February 04, 2008
These would be great off of the Cape Cod coast. But the Kerry's and Kennedy's won't allow it to happen.
re ...
written by switchcode, February 04, 2008
They should install an LED system on the blades so when the blades spin you can display messages, perhaps it could display the tons of coal not consumed.
..that is possibly the coolest idea I have ever heard.. Huge smiley faces, or sunflowers in summer; You could charge for advertising which would go some way toward paying for them in the first place.
written by Somebody, February 04, 2008
It is not called "turbine", but "windmill"...
What is the actual cost of these?
written by windwanter, February 04, 2008
Anyone know the actual cost to produce one of those giants? I think if they were fairly reasonably priced I don't know why the professional levitra online federal government here in the US, or at least some states wouldn't look into this.
written by Branden, February 04, 2008
I think it would be nicer if they put solar panels on the blades and cialis overnight no prescription all around the stem of the windmill. This would produce extra energy that they could get even better results. Now that that company is offering 1$ to 1 watt or whatever this could be amazing for our future power :)
general rule of thumb
written by bob, February 04, 2008
until recently you could use the rule of thumb: 1MW=1Meuro. Noz it's more like 1MW=1.5Meuro... Mainly because of the increase of materials prices like steal..
written by bob, February 04, 2008
Actually it's not windmill, it's wind turbine. Windmill is for the old types..

About the LED idea: the problem is that it rotates very slowly (~2-3 RPM), so you might not get the buy cheap viagra canada effect you are looking for.
wind energy can kill birds by the thousa
written by neo, February 04, 2008
Mats in Sweden
written by Mats Olshammar, February 04, 2008
Cost to install 2x3=6MW where I live in Sweden, including civil works, is around 10-12 MUSD, so one of these 7MW installations should cost about the same.
written by colin, February 04, 2008

" "

if these windmills were replaced with larger turbines spinning slower it probably wouldn't be a problem.
I have seen the future
written by oletymer, February 04, 2008
my comment is too short?
written by Someone from Austria, February 04, 2008
If you build a wind farm in a bird breeding area, it's no wonder. Btw. millions of birds die by crashing into buildings every year. Should we live in stone caves because of this?
An eyesore?
written by Someone from Austria, February 04, 2008
Actually it's really cool if you drive through the northern parts of Germany and see those turbines at the horizon. It gives me a positive "future" feeling (although it shouldn't because it's available and viable right now).
Go Germany! :)
written by Greg, February 04, 2008
I drive cross country a lot and I have to say one of the most beautiful things is when you're passing by a windmill and its spinning as fast as it can. And you see the price cialis canada farm its in where a local farmer is being paid for the use of his land and you see houses that are benefiting from it right there not even a ½ mile away. Beautiful.

Also, driving by a nuclear power plant (even the one my father helped to design) scares the heck out of me and all I can think of is how bad it would be if that thing was compromised. What happens if a windmill fails? It stops spinning? It falls over in a field?

Also, too bad about the LED's. I think glow in the dark blades would be cool though
cape wind farm
written by Tim, February 04, 2008
The Cape Wind Farm will be built. It's just a matter of time.
written by advise-art, February 04, 2008
DAMN ... they are big !!!
written by Otherside, February 04, 2008
What about all the birds that it will kill when they fly into it, are the bird lovers and viagra cheap fast shipping tree huggers going to go at it now?
written by Jon, February 04, 2008
"driving by a nuclear power plant scares me"

You have a 100,000,000,000 better chance of dying in your car you hippie moron. I suggest you walk from now on.

Nuclear power is inevitable
written by ysabet, February 04, 2008
I've driven by and through that area in southern CA that's packed with these things-- we always call it Wind Valley, I admit I'm not sure of the actual name for the area-- many times and they're rather beautiful to see; some of 'em have been painted brightly. This is an arid, rocky place with low habitability and difficult terrain-- perfect for the purpose. It's damn good to see a resource being put to good use that doesn't emit exhaust, wastewater or solid byproducts. Yeah, I know, what's done with the energy later on may do just that, but at least *this* part of the production's been cleaned up. Gotta start somewhere.
written by Ted, February 04, 2008
Someone asked if wind turbines are noisy. I can't say regarding the unit in the photos, but I bet it's no louder than the machines in central Iowa windfarms. Driving throught the area a few months back, I took a detour right though the windfarm and drove to the base of a turbine tower. Looked up along the the best place viagra info plane of the spinning rotor. My wife and son were surprised at how quiet these machines are. Just a soft whoosh as the blade goes by overhead. I think you might not hear it from 100 yards (meters?) away. Also, whhile I haven't seen study data, it seems to me that, as slow as these turbines rotate, any bird that got hit simply was not paying attention! It's great to see some progess in energy alternatives!
carbon footprint
written by ned kelly, February 04, 2008
Wonder what the carbon footprint of one of these babies is, and does it balance. IE the amount of concrete it's anchored in/the amount of land displaced and all those other calculations nobody is doing. >:(
written by me, February 04, 2008
german wind turbines rotate very slowly, it is highly unlikely if not impossible for them to crush a bird. obviously birds can fly into them and kill themselves that way. which is the same as with any other obstacle they are too stupid to avoid, e.g. closed windows

I pray to god that nobody will ever put LEDs or any other lights on wind turbines, beyond the required safety lights, and even those are pointless in my opinion. you aren't even allowed to fly that low with airplanes, and anybody who flies that low at night with a helicopter needs on-board radar anyway. constant light is a pollution like any other, it messes up your biorythm. if I could get away with it, I would break the street lights in our area, to see some actual night, night sky and landcape at night, instead of a brightly lit empty street

wind turbines have special surfaces to maximize efficiency and to minimize wind resistance and wear and tear, and the wings are as light as they are able to build them for the same reasons. putting solar cells on the wings seems counter productive. putting them on the tower makes sense to me
written by tomh, February 04, 2008
even at 2-5 rpm, I wonder if LED's on the blades would give the birds a more visible object to avoid
Great and how about Tidal Energy too
written by Waner Carter, February 04, 2008
The tides move always. This is a huge recourse all but ignored. There are some plans and experiments that work. I hope people can talk more about this.
Not noisy
written by John CLohesy, February 04, 2008
Older turbines were very noisy, these are so quiet you can't hear them if there are cars passing 100 metres away.
on the dark side...
written by TheEngineer, February 04, 2008
Have any of you even paused to consider how much coal is burned to fire furnaces to create these huge metal windmills? On top of that, all of the fossil fuels that are burned in mining the ores, refining, running cranes to lift pieces and buy levitra pills put them together, emissions from welding torches, energy used to bolt pieces together, etc?

Unless these can produce far more clean power in their lifetimes than is used in producing them, they won't be worth it. I'm sure that with the ever-increasing efficiencies and lifetimes of these things, they will be soon if not already - but frankly it's unnerving to me how many people ONLY look at the end product.
written by Jim USA, February 04, 2008
Awesome. Let the Europeans have them. Nuclear power is 1,000,000x more efficient and that figure cleaner than a windmill, plus its safe and consistant. A windmill is subject to dynamic stresses that most Europeans can't comprehend, but rather a smart American engineer can.

They're cute I guess.
Bird danger question
written by herl, February 04, 2008
The question should be what improvements can be made to help protect the birds, without sacrificing effciency of the machines? For example, why could there not be some kind of a wire grate (yes, a big grate!) enclosure surrounding the blade assembly or the whole tower? Then birds would not get chopped up by the blade, and also be more likely to see the grate and avoid the thing altogether. Alternately, have they investigated using sounds or other non-harmful deterrents to steer birds away from the machine?
written by Hal, February 04, 2008
I doubt these turbines break even in less than 10 years. Maybe some day.
written by Jim USA, February 04, 2008
See what I'm talking about. No one can comprehend how one of these even works. A bird isn't going to be chopped up. How many air planes are in the air at any one time, and how many little birdies do people worry about? None.

But you put one stupid windmill in Europe, and all of a sudden its going to be a blood bath.

I have a solution. Lets build a huge wall in front of our huge windmill. Or maybe put up signs that say "Birds! Do Not Fly Into Windmill!"

Or maybe figure out whats worth worrying about in the first place.

good old times are over....
written by Crischan (Germany), February 04, 2008
these things do use up a lot of landscape - like any large structure will. right now i'm developing methods to visualize and gauge the impact of windmills for german decision makers.
people are getting more and more stuck up with windmills rising everywhere around them - especially here in northeastern germany, where the buy branded levitra largest wind farms are operating.

one thing to keep in mind is that a centralized power plant uses up landscape only in one place, while a decentralized system like this also spreads landscape use.
there were times when this was not something to be considered, but that question is getting more important.

larger turbines like these are a part of the answer - one of them can replace up to 15 smaller, older ones! that the impact will be on the number of bird kills, needs to be monitored. unfortunately these kinds of reports are often politically motivated. right now i have to reports from (not by!) the german environmental agency, which yield totally different results on that question... energy, even renewable energy, is always a business.

still good land use plannung and soft cialis tablets zoning is the only answer to balance the numerous demands on the landscape - enery production, farmin, foresting, tourism, rereation, conservation.
Blood Bath
written by Ben, February 04, 2008
Perhaps we should throw the people who are freaked over the birds into the windturbine.. see how they stand up too it..

I'll volunteer to help spin the blades faster
written by Realist, February 04, 2008
Wait, why aren't those blades spinning. Oh yeah, no wind during peak hours of the day... When we actually need the electricity. Good investment.
I own a wind turbine -the claims of mass
written by Wind Farmer, February 04, 2008
I am an owner of a 2.1MW wind turbine. We have had more bird deaths from driving out to our site than from birds flying into the blades, which spin at 15 rpm. The claims of the massive bird kills comes from the turbines in Altimont, CA in the 70's. Those spun MUCH faster than modern wind turbines and were placed in a migratory flight pattern. We did extensive environmental, historical and archeological studies before we moved a shovelful of dirt.

At some point the people that find fault with everything that anybody does to try to help with our energy problems will have to find a new argument. Until then, keep regurgitating that story from 30 years ago!
Birds, Lights, eyesore
written by German Guy, February 04, 2008
There are thousands of these in the north of Germany because it is close to the sea and the land is flat. both are very important for economical productive systems. in south germany you will only find very few windpowersystems on hilltops and most of these dont work economical productive. location is very important and "any town should by 100 of these" is a stupid comment.

The impact on the environment has been tested in many instances. direct impact of birds with the blades are no problem and turned out be be a unrealistic concern. but the drug generic propecia noise and viagra generico changing shadows, which are produced, can disturb birds and other animals, so it is not allowed to build any of these near a breeding area, or a protected wildlife area. for the same reasen these systems have to keep a minimum distance to communities (also depending on the direction of the shadows)

There is a big discussion going on in Germany, because the huge impact on the landscape. many people (especially old people) think these are ugly and destroy the traditional landscape. also the warning lights that are lit at nighttime are often considered anoying. Most Germans would prefer the sight of a nomal powerplant because on single facility can produce the same amount of electicity as hundrets, or in case of nuclear power plants, thousands of windturbines.
The main concern is, that there are simply to many turbines, and therefore they are polluting the environment. (the environment people live in)

unfortuately offshore systems are not costefficient yet.

the "no wind" problem can be solved with power saving facilities. such are copressed air stroages for short term regulation, and water power depos for long term regulation. by creating a network of windpowerfacilites scattered over very large distances and energy storage facilities, it has been proven, that a copletly renewable energy source can deliver the viagra from canadian pharmacy necesarry energy/time curve in a trustworthy manner.

Finally windpower systems together with other systems do make sense. But it cant provide enough energy to meet the demand, so other systems (such as nuclear energy) are still necessary. When solar energy becomes as "cheap" as windpower is today, then this might lead to a truly possible solution without nuclear engergy

when im talking about economical, i did consider subsedises. windpower is NOT cheaper than coal, jet.
carbon footprint
written by German Guy, February 04, 2008
the carbon footprint is better than any other renewable energy. The energy for the construction and transportation is regained in less than a year.

only nuclear energy has a lower carbon footprint.
Atomic Waste Lasts 25,000 Years
written by Engineer, February 05, 2008
So long as the full costs of all power generation systems are included, we should simply choose the cheapest, i.e. the most efficient. Nuclear plants should prepay the costs storing their waste for 25,000 years. As it is, the full costs of nuclear power are being passed on to our children and another 1,000 generations after them. On this basis, nuclear power is not cost-efficient.
Water power
written by Bonhommejaune, February 05, 2008
Well I guess this is kind of neat. But I guess we won't need those here in Québec, with the exeption of one nuclear plant working 6 months in a year all of our power come from dam. But I guess not everyone can build those and as such those windmill are quite more valuable than coal based power plant.
written by Aaron, February 05, 2008
1. As bird strikes are concerned, I can't imagine these blades spin very fast. Think of the size of this thing... It has a 413 FOOT diameter for a circumference of nearly a quarter mile! This is a hulking lumbering rotation. Any bird flying into something that big might not be that big a loss.

2. Aesthetically I find wind turbines very aesthetically pleasing. I'd drive out just to look at this thing and best viagra price have a picnic under it. I can't imagine watching something that massive spinning.

3. For something entertaining, yet impractical, let's spend the U.S. military budget for a decade putting about one million of these things down in the middle of the Antarctic with insanely high wind speeds.
Big Fans
written by Mr Gold Coast, February 05, 2008
With fans that big - it sure would get windy!!
7 MW, very rarely
written by ham, February 05, 2008
I work on data acquisition systems for a power utility. Several times a day, I look at the performance of the wind turbines parks we have. I often see 1-2 MW out of a nominal 100 MW for days. Very rarely do you see full power get out of those. And supposedly, they started with the best spots. If sites like this one could stop saying things like 'enough to power 2000 houses'. I call that a lie.
written by prettyscary, February 05, 2008
this is genius.
why the hell dont we have these things everywhere?
written by yo, February 06, 2008
written by Dustin, February 08, 2008
peak output is not a viable number to use, but it sure gets the hippies riled up...

The biggest problem with energy is waste. we have an enormous demand for power usage, but most of it is wasted on disasterously inefficient home design and appliance design. Simply changing the types of homes we live in, and the appliances we use, would give us a 300% or more energy surplus; while making low-output systems like windfields and solar arrays far more usable. is a great concept in durable, affordable, nearly indestructible home designs. Also, faster and easier to build than conventional designs. This change alone would be enough.

But instead we focus on producing the how does viagra work demanded power, rather than curbing the 75% waste of it? Renewable energy sources don't produce the huge volumes of wasted energy we 'demand.' But Solar and Wind would be far more than what we need if we'd stop wasting most of what we produce. These people live just fine on solar and wind power alone. Why can't you?
Too noisy ?
written by Claas Genkins, February 11, 2008
No absolute no noise in 100 m distance...the hub is that high (more than 130 m from ground)...if it windy the trees (around the wind turbine )are noisier
ban the birds and bats
written by Kristofer, February 17, 2008
So many people jump on the 'Turbines kill birds and bats!! Bad Bad!' wagon. I'm an ecologist and love those critters too but I don't see anyone about to stop driving their cars or boats or rechreational vehicles Which have killed so many millions of animals over the ages. What about we stop building houses, we need to make sure nothing had a home where it will be built or even the resources that go into the building (wood?), nothing lived in that tree or nothing fed from that tree? For crying out loud, even though animals will be lost by using these wind turbines (not windmills, windmills grind food) will enable us to live in a more sustainable way, lessening human impact on animals in the long run. Ah well, I had to say something, sorry. :o :o
no one wants wind power near them
written by KJ Lahti, February 17, 2008
People want wind power, but not near them examples Cape Cod, (Kennedy, Kerry, Walter Cronkite, etc don't want it near them) or along the mountain ridges in Vermont (Sanders, Leahy, and many who moved from NYC to Vermont) Until we have leaders who will encourage the development and placement near their homes and vacation home and i recommend buy cialis generic have the moral leadership to tell their friends and financial investors of their reelection campaigns this it will never happen.
100 is not enough.
written by Bob, February 23, 2008
"every city should purchase 100!"

100 is not enough. It will take around 100 of these to match the output of the GRDA coal power plant at Chouteau, Oklahoma, and about 250 of them to produce as much electricity as the nuclear power plant in Russelville, Arkansas.
The Future is comming
written by Riaan Nieuwoudt "South Africa", March 20, 2008
"I have seen the future"

You haven't seen the future yet. Wait for the battery powered power plant.

Unthinkable? "Think Again"
written by clark bonde, April 03, 2008
cool it is so bid i lov i4t ;D >:( :( :o 8) :P :- :-* :) ;) :D ;D >:( :( :o 8) :P :- :-*
written by alex, May 16, 2008
omg wtf y would u need one that big
MAK (Making a new automatic turbine syst
written by MAK, June 05, 2008
I am 22 years old. and i have a incredible mind making a new turbine system. My new turbine system working is automatically. You don't need a (wind power) you don't need a (Gas power) you don't need a (water power). My new turbine system is new technology. and I create this technology. my new design turbine system making a faster and more Electrical supply 24 hours some speed Non stop. IF you all not believe me. and If you all not turst my new turbine system. so please Sir, You just see my new turbine system. I try another companies. Please contact me urgend. I wanna work with your company Low salary.
The Energy Return on Energy Invested of
written by Tim, June 07, 2008

Wind turbines will generate an amount of electricity equal to the energy used to make them in less than a year, often times 3 months. Also, one must keep in mine that WT generate electricity, which is equal to about 3 times the BTUs in hydrocarbons.
written by MUSTAFA TAÅžIYAN, June 12, 2008
Sevgili arkadaşlar çölleşmek üzere olan dünyamıza bukadar güzel,büyük ve güçlü bir rüzgar türbünü kazandırdığınız için size minnetdarım.Başarılarınızın devamını diler saygılar sunarım
(yabancı dilim olmadığından türkçe yazdım kusura bakmayın)
written by john is bad, June 17, 2008
hihhihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihih ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( :( :( :( :o 8) :P :- :-* :)
written by kabby, June 17, 2008
&& your mom smokes weed & im married okay?
so dont sue me
cz my husband is well ard and is a laywer
written by Ted, November 15, 2008
Green energy is a must. Thanks
cut back on emissions!!
written by john doe, January 15, 2009
I recently completed a science project were i tested the tramadol 20online efficiency of wind turbines and where current wind energy generating stand, turbines are helping to eliminate 0.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions produced by coal generation each year.
written by A person, January 24, 2009
When it said how it could power 5,000 homes, does it mean in a year?
written by VSARMY Rep, January 25, 2009
You want to save the environment sell off all your electronics. Shut this website down. Go back to living in the bush. And go back to living like Cave Men then you will have ur supposed Green House Emission and save the planet. That is how you will reach your outlandish goals of inpratical and unrealistic.

There is some still out there have brains/common sense I do hope this current generations don't run the world into the meat grinder as they are proving so far that they are doing.
written by Dave, January 27, 2010
God, I hate the so-called "leaders" in my country. While they find ways to keep us on foul, world killing fossil fuels, the res of the world is heading into the future. I wish I could blame it all on the Republicans but the Democrats have done their share of damage to any meaningful climate change legislation. But hey, t least they get lots of money from the oil and coal industries.
Turbine Energy
written by vidisha@greenglobaltravel, September 23, 2012
Innovative ideas have to reach a tipping point, to get everywhere! Great post Thanks!

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