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DEC 06

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"The foating wind turbine units are based on the Tension Leg Platform (..."

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Offshore Wind at an Affordable Price

Offshore wind is a relatively underexploited resource, with obstacles ranging from Cape Wind-like NIMBYism to the high infrastructure costs (and thus total costs) for installing systems out at sea. The idea of going toward floating wind turbines has been around awhile and Blue H Group looks to be one step closer to making that idea a reality.

Blue H offshore wind farms are planned to be far out at sea, virtually invisible to the naked eye from shore. At such locations, the winds are stronger and are more constant, ideal for generating large quantities of clean and inexhaustible electricity.

Rather than installing the take viagra wind turbine foundations to only now united healthcare cialis literally be built into the seabed, however deep it might be, Blue H is "adapting the concept of submerged tension-legged platforms developed by the oil industry ... and designed a platform large and stable enough to support a tower and a wind turbine."

According to Blue H, the Submerged Deepwater Platform (SDP) technology:

  • Reduces the overall weight of the structure (claiming a 60+% total reduction for a 5 mw system, from 2100 to 800 tons)
  • Can be built onshore / in a port and towed into place, 10 miles or more offshore in deep waters (more than 50 meters in depth), reducing the specialty requirements for heavy equipment like crane ships.
  • Enables placing the wind turbines/farms far enough offshore to minimize NIMBYism and to be able to getting even better wind
  • Can be dismantled/moved with little environmental impact

If this works, this suggests a path toward rapid ramping up of offshore wind at affordable costs.

"Blue H intends to demonstrate that deepwater offshore wind farms can be built economically and no prescription drugstore tramadol certainly at a cost which is extremely competitive to the shallow water wind farms of today" said Neal Bastick, CEO of Blue H.

Earlier this year, "Blue H designed, commissioned, and launched its large scale prototype in Puglia in Southern Italy." Blue H is now building the first commercial system for the Tricaste site, with 25 more units to follow. "This is likely to be the first offshore deepwater wind farm park in the world" with an installed capacity of 92 megawatts in waters over 100 meters deep. Could this be the first step in making offshore wind a major player in an Energy Smart future?

Hit tip to Retrograde for picking this up.

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written by tristan matthews, December 07, 2007
That is amazing, but simply to play devils advocate, are there any wild life impact issues?
written by Rufus Sergeant, December 07, 2007
What is the cost of getting the electricity to shore?
Two questions
written by jfwells, December 07, 2007
1) how are they tethered in deep water? It seems like that could get very expensive and the look there female levitra pills cost would be significantly higher than siting in shallower waters.

2) how is the energy transmitted back to usefull link canada cialis generic shore? If it is some sort of a wind farm, does each platform have a high voltage line running back to shore? If so, it seems like there would be a danger of i recommend how to get levitra no prescription transmission lines being broken by passing boats, etc.
The big bopper
written by chrisb, December 08, 2007
OK, I'm not them so I can't answer anything for sure, but the continental shelf goes waaay out there before it drops off super deep most places, and I would think that the lines would be on the sea bottom, like a telegraph cable. I guess a sinking ship might hit them, but anyway, don't take my word for it, I'm outta my league actually talking about practical considerations.
written by Martin Jakubowski, December 09, 2007
The foating wind turbine units are based on the Tension Leg Platform (TLP) principle and linked to economic concrete counterweights on the sea bed, which also create a positive inpact on tramadol for cats sea fauna.
The electricity is broad ashore via marine cables, state of the art since decades in all countries with islands.

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