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OCT 12

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"What a great device! Any word on cost? The manufacturer's webside is..."

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Hymini: Wind Powered Gadget Charger

Well, judging by the picture, I thought it was a stylish way to cool myself at the old ball game. Instead, Hymini is a way to power up my Blackberry when riding my bike or otherwise off-grid.

The Hymini is micro-wind universal charger/adapter for recharging "digital gadgets." The device stores the power collected, which can also be from a wall plug or solar power. And, well, you can make it work when skiing, biking, sailing, running, or simply sitting enjoying an evening breeze. Cool, truly Energy Cool.

Via TreeHugger

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written by Drew, October 13, 2007
What a great device! Any word on cost? The manufacturer's webside is riddled with errors.. Same answer to 5 different FAQ's, and 75 mph average windspeed in LA?? What a difference a decimal point makes!

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