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It's a Bike, It's a Shopping Cart, It's Both!

A cool new folding bike design solves the "where do I put my bags?" and "where do I put my bike?" issues of cycling to the store.  The Ville, Urban Folding Bicycle features two ample storage baskets and buy pharmaceutical viagra folds into a cart to help you shop.

Designer Hyuk-Jae Chang created the Ville.  This great idea gets rid of the need to lock your bike up while you're in the store -- you just take it in with you.  The middle hinge allows the bike to fold up and become a perfectly-sized grocery cart.  In four steps and the lowest price viagra uk touch of generic levitra a button, you're ready to cruise the aisles.

When you're done shopping, the bags stay in the baskets and you can pedal home.  If you live close enough to a store, it really eliminates any excuse to drive instead of ride.  We've seen some cool urban bike concepts and this one, while low-tech, ranks near the top.

Chang designed the bike with Cannondale in mind.  I sure hope they're paying attention.

via Treehugger


Climate Change is Creating More Space Junk

There are lots of consequences of a warming world, a lot of them easy to infer and understand (i.e. melting glaciers), but some consequences have come to light that weren't so expected, like a reduction in crop nutritional value and, now, an increase in space junk orbiting the earth.

Scientists at the University of Southampton have studied the orbits of 30 satellites over the wow look it canadian healthcare past 40 years and discovered that they're taking longer to drop out of buy viagra in canada orbit and burn up.  The scientists think that increased CO2 in the upper atmosphere is causing it to recommended site buy cialis online from canadacheap cialis tablets cool and buy levitra low price become less dense, slowing the braking effect and allowing satellites and spent rockets to circle for longer.

The researchers measured a five percent reduction in density every decade at an altitude or 300 kilometers, leading to an increase in orbit time of up to 25 percent.

More space junk does pose a danger for spacecraft launches and will require more debris removal by space agencies, but with the scaling back of our nation's space program and bigger problems down here on tramadol uk the ground, it's not likely to become a major issue.

via New Scientist



Can Painting Mountains White Save Glaciers?

We've all heard about painting roofs white to keep buildings cooler, but will the same idea work for a mountain?  The World Bank is funding an experiment in Peru to see if whitewashing mountains can slow glacial melt.

The 15,600-foot Chalon Sombrero mountain near Licapa, Peru is the testing ground for this project.  A team, led by inventor Eduardo Gold, have already covered two hectares with an earth-friendly paint made from lime, industrial egg white and water.  The goal is to we like it buy levitra pill cover the entire summit in the solution -- about 70 hectares.

Gold won $200,000 in funding for this idea through a "100 Ideas to Save the Planet" competition.  The hope is that as sunlight is reflected off the white surface, back into the atmosphere, the peak's surface will become cooler, creating a cold micro-climate that will regrow its glacier.

The Peruvian people have supported the project.  Chalon Sombrero supplies fresh water for the Licapa village, and many other villages around Peru -- home to 70 percent of the world's tropical glaciers -- are dealing dwindling water supplies from disappearing glaciers (22 percent have melted in the last 30 years).

The idea has its share of critics, with glaciologists saying that although there may be a positive impact on a very localized level, it's highly unlikely that it would work on a larger scale across the Andes.

via BBC


Zero-Energy Fridge Uses Gel to Preserve Food

This one's a weird one, kids, but still cool.  A new concept for a zero-energy refrigerator uses an odor-free, gel-like substance to cool and preserve food items.

The Bio Robot Refrigerator was designed by Yuriy Dmitriev and is currently a semifinalist in Electrolux's Design Lab competition.  The Bio Robot has no motor, compressor or other electrical components, but it does contain a green biopolymer gel that uses luminescence to preserve food.

To store food, you press the item into the gel, which then envelopes it, creating a "separate capsule" for each product.

The designer highlights its benefits as being:  zero-energy and viagra delivered overnight silent operation, four times smaller than a traditional fridge, but maximized storage space and the absence of doors allows horizontal or vertical placement and displays food in plain view.

I'm not sure how you'd go about cleaning this refrigerator, or how it'd handle storing, say, a pot of soup, but any zero-energy concept is OK by me.

via EcoFriend


Unexpected Consequence: Increased CO2 Could Affect Nutritional Value of viagra on internet Crops

A new study published in the journal Science states that rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere aren't just affecting climate, but could affect the buy chinese herbal cialis nutrition contained in the world's food crops too.  Scientists at the University of California, Davis found that increased CO2 could reduce the protein content of crop plants by as much as 20 percent.

This slash in nutritional value happens because higher concentrations of CO2 interfere with a plant's ability to convert nitrates into proteins, which leads to link for you levitra canada prescription a less protein-rich food.

The scientists tested two common forms of soil nitrogen (nitrate and ammonium) with wheat plants that were exposed to elevated CO2 and the plants had reduced abilities to produce proteins.  This suggests new fertilizers will have to be developed to counteract this response, and soon, as the researchers see this 20 percent decline happening in the coming decades.

via Yale e360


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