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JUL 09

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"Most people who attempted such a feat would drown within minutes as th..."

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You Can Now Officially Swim at the best price pharmcy tramadol North Pole

Apparently the Earth's Geographic North Pole is currently composed of a mix of ice and canadian pharmacy scam water loose enough to swim through. I find this surprisingly believable, having just suffered through my town's all-time-high of 107 degrees. I mean, really, it's Montana!!

Of course, since it's possible, it now must be done, and Lewis Gordon Pugh is going to try it. Pugh previously achieved  a cold-temperature swim record of 1 kilometer at 32 degrees off the coast of Antarctica wearing only a swim cap and Speedos. Now he's going to beat that, with 1 kilometer at 29 degrees at the North Pole.

It's not going to be a pleasant swim, but that's not the point. The point is that there is water at all. A mere five years ago, this would have been impossible. And now, there's going to be a guy swimming at the North Pole!


Via The Independent
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written by migital, July 10, 2007
i know you're trying to make light of tablet viagra the situation, but jesus! the impact that this story has is scary
written by Hank, July 10, 2007
I wouldn't have said that I was trying to make light of it. I guess I just don't want to make dark of it. No reason to get too depressed!
written by Brian Green, July 10, 2007
It's sad that we live in a time when the Panama Canal might be the long route between coasts by sea. As for the viagra drug interactions 107 in Montana, I don't suppose those glaciers in your park are too fond of that.

This is all like watching a car crash.
Glacier National Park
written by Hank, July 10, 2007
Yeah...most estimates say there won't be any glaciers in glacier national park by 2025.
written by luke, July 10, 2007
Destruction: Planet Earth -now showing!
written by Jacob, July 10, 2007
I understand that the melting glaciers falling into the ocean creates huge 60foot plus waves... would that be right?
written by Joel, July 12, 2007
That's the curse of consumer culture: It's always Christmas, but never winter.
Canada, New BreadBasket to America's
written by Uncle B, August 20, 2009
As the U.S. A. slowly desertifies due to what-ever processes, Canada is only best offers dose cialis warming up! A welcome thing for them, to be certain! They will soon control world food resources as the U.S. does currently, and we will have nothing! We have lost manufacturing to Asia, Population growth to online us viagra India, and now, food resources and fresh water to drought! Should have followed the "Good Book" folks, but it is too late now! We have been caught in our gluttony and slovenly living,with "throw away" lives Knee deep in our own sewage, pampered to a state of physical vulnerability, we are the proverbial "Fatted Calf" ready for sacrifice to the Asians, and we did it to ourselves with hamburgers and apple pie! Goddammit dumb!
Glacier national park
written by Nancy, April 20, 2010
Most people who attempted such a feat would drown within minutes as the intense cold disabled their muscles. Mr Pugh believes that he can raise his normal body temperature by one degree by concentrating on levitra sample raising his heart rate.

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