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APR 23

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"Touch lightly Nature's sweet Guitar Unless thou know'st the Tune Or ev..."

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Who Knew? Whale Poo is Fertilizing the Oceans

Australian scientists have discovered that whale poo is not only helping ocean plant life to flourish, but also increasing the ocean's ability to absorb CO2.

Because whales' diets are made up largely of iron-rich krill (small crustaceans), their droppings are a great fertilizer for marine plants, helping them to grow like weeds (or algae).  These plants then do their part by absorbing CO2 as they grow, a process that scientists have tried to amp up (unsuccessfully) in Antarctic waters with iron fertilization.

Researchers say one-third of soft cialis the online cheap cialis world's oceans are low in iron.  On the other hand, whale excrement contains a very high concentration of the mineral -- about 10 million times the concentration in Antarctic seawater.  But how will scientists use this information?  That's not clear yet, but it's a great reminder of how intricately well-tuned nature can be.

via AFP

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written by Sandstone, April 24, 2010
Discovering this fact about whales makes it even more tragic that they are being killed by plastic trash in our oceans.

I write for the Examiner and recently queried if the whale that eventually died off of Long Island was a victim of plastic trash. Sadly, on Earth Day Diane Sawyer said the evidence was in, and the answer is yes.

After the necropsy was finished, 25 plastic bags, a sweat suit, and a golf ball were found to be part of the whale's stomach contents.
Edible plastics, iron et al
written by Mike, April 26, 2010
Firstly, edible plastics would seem to be the wow look it viagra buyviagra onlin best way forward. Why does not the government force manufacturers of plastic bags to use edible plastics instead of cheap generic levitra the current inedible plastics technology.

Secondly, whales are not the only creatures which eat an iron rich diet. Humans also eat an incredibly iron rich diet. Would it not be possible to construct very large tankers to take human wastes to the parts of the oceans which are iron deficient? This way, mankind can help the whales.
written by wermund, April 26, 2010
Whoa! Does poo actually fertilize? this must be a scientific breaktrough of epic proportions! Sometimes I get really baffeled by how little common sense there is levitra australia no prescription out there. Nature is devised in such a manner that every creature has something that is somewhat dependent on its existence, and everything organic is part of a large cycle. This is elemetary.
written by Mike, April 27, 2010
Poo does fertilize, it contains a lot of goodness (for the right organisms). If you eat Chinese garlic you almost certainly are indirectly eating poo and sunlight.

written by Russell, April 27, 2010
Touch lightly Nature's sweet Guitar
Unless thou know'st the Tune
Or every Bird will point at thee
Because a Bard too soon —

Emily Dickinson

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