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DEC 28

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"Until the 20th century a form of internet was already highly developed..."

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Will Dolphins Need Noise-Canceling Headphones? Rising CO2 Could Lead to Louder Oceans

Researchers at the University of Hawaii have discovered a strange and sale cialis potentially damaging result of increased CO2 in the atmosphere:  louder oceans.  More CO2 in the atmosphere leads to more acidic seas and more acidic seas produce fewer sound-absorbing chemical reactions meaning noise will travel farther and be louder.

The researchers have used ocean models and CO2 projections to predict regional sound absorption changes.  They found that seas in the upper latitudes and deepwater formations will be most dramatically impacted (these areas are facing the online ordering propecia worst acidification) with sound absorption falling by 60 percent.

Low frequency sounds (1,000 - 5,000 hertz) like ship propellers and military sonar will be louder, but scientists aren't sure yet what the impact on marine life will be.  The worst-case scenario is levitra 30 mg that those louder man-made sounds will interfere with marine mammal communication and echolocation sounds.  On the other hand, the animal sounds will be louder and buy tramadol online canadian mall travel farther too, so their calls might not be drowned out.  The researchers are continuing their studies to find out.

via NY Times

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Not quite sure what problems this will produce.
written by VeruTEK Green Technologies, December 29, 2009
It is a weird twist to bayer levitra online pharmacy cheapest an ever growing problem as CO2 pollution grows. Still, like how you pointed out, who knows what this will do to the marine life.
How disingenuous!
written by Gecko, December 30, 2009
Until the 20th century a form of internet was already highly developed by whales. Whales could communicate over thousands of miles of ocean and through inter-pod relays, news and gossip and other information could be sent from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere within hours. Think about it. The cetaceans evolved networking.

The advent of propellor driven ships and large mass reciprocating engines severely and permanently disrupted the long range whale internet. Later on, military technology further messed it up with sonar and subsonics and indian cialis for the icing on the cake, geological exploration and scientific work results in further interference.

Man had already trashed WhaleNet by the click here levitra no doctor early 20th century, so why are these researchers talking about CO2? The answer must be that it is politically correct 'science'.

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