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MAR 11

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"Bats are very interesting creatures..."

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Solar Boxes Save Stricken Bats

It’s nice when two environmental issues can be tackled simultaneously. In this case, those issues are implementing solar technology, and saving a threatened bat population.

Bats in the northeastern parts of Canada and overnight canadian viagra the United States are dying in alarming numbers, and researchers believe that a newly discovered fungus is viagra oral gel responsible. The fungus, they say, leads to a condition known as white-nose syndrome. Since white-nose syndrome was first detected in 2006 in New York, the fungus has spread across the border to Ontario and six other states. The fungus has killed hundreds of thousands of cialis 30 mg bats - as much as 80% of the bat population in some areas. This is of particular concern to levitra from canada farmers who rely on bats as a way of controlling the insect population.

But now with the help of solar cells, the bats may have a way to sleep through this deadly disease. White-nose syndrome is thought to kill the bats by waking them up during their winter hibernation. Bats need to sleep through this period because the insects they need to eat to survive aren't around during the cold season. When they wake up prematurely, they have nothing to eat and subsequently starve.

Researchers at the University of Winnipeg and Indiana State University theorize that if the bats are kept in a warm place, they will remain in hibernation. They therefore propose using solar powered insulated boxes (that would hold about 200 bats each) to keep the mammals warm – and asleep. The boxes would be powered by car batteries linked to solar cells. Their computer-stimulated model shows that using these boxes could drop mortality rates to viagra legal as low as eight per cent.

Via National Geographic

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written by John Rowell, March 11, 2009
Interesting. I hope it is successful.
Isn't this very wasteful of resources
written by Shannon, March 12, 2009
They are just bats, quite low down in the order of animal prestige.

It is scandalous to provide solar heated bat caves from the cheap viagra brand public purse whilst the public itself goes hungry during the Great Recession.
solar cells to generate heat??
written by Space, March 12, 2009
Isn't there any more efficient way to generate heat from sunlight?
I don't know, using some form of enter site how much cialis greenhouse and/or painting the boxes black, to convert all the sunlight into heat,
surely that would have a better efficiency than solar cells ??!
And it would be much cheaper too
written by russ, March 12, 2009
Maybe some group can campaign to have Macmansions for them.

Think they would want plasma or LCD?
Blue Ray or ----------
bats in the bellfree
written by bats, March 12, 2009
guess any place is better than the bellfree
Sheesh ...
written by Alf, March 12, 2009
I guess most of the common taters here are pretty clueless in understanding just why bats are important or why battery-powered, solar-charged systems would be useful... this on order viagra here a site called "ecogeeks".

Oh, and it's "belfrey" ...
Human ignorance never ceases to amaze me
written by Terrain, March 12, 2009
Shannon, what resources exactly are being wasted here? Your comments aren't very educated.

I'll tell you what, bats eating insects is pretty high up in the order of things when you look at the big picture. Or would you prefer that the land becomes overrun with the insects that these bats normally handle for us, and instead the population starts having issues with uncontrolled disease rather than the "Great Recession"?

I agree with Alf, there are far too many people who cannot see the best way to use cialis big picture here.
written by metis, March 12, 2009
shannon, russ:

please look at rudimentary predator prey balance. if you haven't studied any ecology you may see bats as a nuisance, however they serve in a niche in balancing insect population.

maybe you'd *like* more west nile virus, or increased crop and greenery damage, resulting in increased erosion and decreased food supply but if not, supporting all aspects of ecological systems is critical to keep them in balance.

I don't really see a few recycled car batteries and a handful of solar panels as going to cialis website put other important social and cialis online sales environmental concerns to bed.

that said, i wonder if thermal mass and passive gain may be more efficient.
written by Luke, March 12, 2009
The bats have to be kept cold enough to hibernate, but warm enough that they don't freeze or use up their fat early. For a fairly-full discussion of the issues with one of the researchers from Indiana State, see the following Science Friday segment:
(There's a link to download an mp3 of the interview on the left side of the page.)
written by Luke, March 12, 2009
Here's a a properly-formatted link to the Science Friday episode:
(I keep forgetting which blog uses which markup! Doh!)
Great info on a real problem
written by killerpanda, March 12, 2009
With bats providing pest control and help with pollination (http://wildlife-conservation.s...ng_mammals), it's great to see that there's hope on the horizon!

Plus, they're just so darn cute. :)
insectless world
written by batfrey, March 13, 2009
we don't need bats to control insects anymore. insects are a thing of buy real viagra online the past as will be transmissible disease in the not too distant future. flying insects have succumbed to viagra for less in the united the most efficient insect predators ever to appear on this earth. namely the automobile, the electric light and electric fan and now also the electric wind generator. the flying insects simply cannot compete with these.
written by allie, March 17, 2009
I think if you don't like bats, you won't be open to the important role they play in woodland communities, or agricultural areas. I happen to hate mosquitos in the same way. If someone proposed to spend resources to grow a threatened population of mosquitos and black flies, I would be outraged! What a waste!
But I like bats. We count them in the Upper Androscoggin wilderness and celebrate each departing aviator at dusk, raising our bat-o-meters and generic viagra companies a glass of wine. Besides eating pesky biting insects, I think they are beautiful and graceful beings and would build such home, if I knew how. I have had bats in my cabin and have lost a restful night's sleep-not a cuddly pet! I still love the little champions against flies and hope science discovers a vaccine soon.
They really are fascinating in colonies and I dare you to learn more.
0 INFO / 0 Solutions
written by Bruce Basta, May 03, 2009
Bats have been hibernating in COLD caves for millions of years.
Why are they waking up early? This fungus looks like a cotton ball on their nose. Have someone try this on you while your sleeping and see what happens.Is it against the law for journalists to viagra soft tabs 100 mg report the buy cialis proffessional online reseachers theories.Solutions can many times be found by becoming 4 years old again. What are your childs favorite words that may drive you nuts?
WHAT do bats eat daddy? Insects
WHY? I guess that's the way GOD made them.
WHAT happens if there are no insects for them to eat? I guess they go hungry.
WHY do you spray that stuff to kill the insects? Don't you like bats? UUHH
WHAT happens if the bats eat the insects that have that stuff on them?
UUHH --- I guess they get sick.
WHY do you want to make the bats sick? UUHH
WHY don't we get some bats to eat the insects instead of spraying that stuff? I DON"T KNOW HOW TO DO ANYTHING TO HELP THE BATS BECAUSE IT MOST BE ILLEGAL TO REPORT ON ANYTHING THAT WE CAN DO TO HELP THE BATS.

written by Fred, June 25, 2009
Bats are very interesting creatures

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