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MAR 03

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"What if our gadgets could be made into manure that will be green!..."

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Greener Gadgets Conference: Design Competition

One of the highlights of the Greener Gadgets Conference was, of course, the design competition. Last week I gave descriptions of get cialis prescription a few of the online favorites, but last Friday, a winner was chosen.

Four designs were selected to battle it out through audience applause: The Power Hog, Tweet-a-Watt, Laundry Pod and getting viagra online Indoor Drying Rack (as would be expected at this conference, the decibels were measured with an iPhone application). The Tweet-a-Watt designers walked away with first place and $3,000; Power Hog came in second and the designers received $2,000 and finally, Indoor Drying Rack came in third and the designer received $1,000. The Laundry Pod designers received a gift from one of the conference's sponsors, but didn't officially place.

So what's the Tweet-a-Watt? What does it do? It is actually a rigged Kill-a-Watt electricity meter that plugs into any outlet and publishes daily updates on your power use to Twitter. The judges and audience agreed that knowing your friends were watching your energy consumption was a great motivator to conserve. The major detail that set this device apart is link for you viagra gel the fact that it is already a working, Twittering gadget, publishing the design team's electricity use as you read this. The team also made it an open-source project so anyone who wants to start Twittering their kWh, can do so. You can see the Tweet-a-Watt after the jump.

The thing that the obtain viagra without prescription finalists had in common was that they all focused on decreasing energy use. They weren't solar powered or a more efficient version of anything else, they discouraged power consumption. The Laundry Pod and Indoor Drying Rack gave you an electricity-free way to clean and dry your clothes, and the Power Hog required your child to deposit a quarter to non persription viagra access an outlet's electricity. The Tweet-a-Watt provided motivation to turn off the lights and unplug your gadgets.

These finalists seemed to summarize nicely the theme of the whole conference - to cut consumption and to use our things and electricity more thoughtfully.

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"How Green Can You Go?"
written by Ashley Futak, March 04, 2009


I am writing to let you know about an environmentally-focused social media campaign sponsored by wineries Beringer, Meridian and Chateau St. Jean. The campaign, “How Green Can You Go?” asks entrants to share what they are doing to visit web site cialis where to buy contribute to a cleaner environment. The ten best entries will receive an e-Moto High Performance Electric Scooter ($2,895 value).
As an example, Beringer, Meridian and Chateau St. Jean wineries contribute to the greening of our planet through their commitment to sustainable farming practices that minimizes negative environmental impact.
The campaign is powered by Brickfish, a social media marketing network that helps brands spread their messages virally via their customers. The “How Green Can You Go?” campaign is easy to enter; your readers can simply follow a few easy steps. Here are the details:
•Entrants upload pictures or select photos from the campaign gallery to illustrate their green efforts
•Entrants write brief descriptions of how they help to improve the environment in their everyday lives (conserving water, using recyclable bags, etc.)
•Entrants select their favorite scooter e-Moto Scooter from the four available, and then click the generic online cialis Submit Entry tab to upload their entries
•Entrants make their entries go viral by sharing them across the Internet with friends and peers via their social networks to cialis cheapest get votes and reviews
•Grand Prize: Ten winners, selected by Foster’s Wine Estates Americas Company from the top 250 highest scoring entries, will win an e-Moto Metro High Performance Electric Scooter in their choice of red, blue, yellow or silver (a $2,895 value). Must be a resident of levitra pharmacy in india Washington, Oregon, Idaho or Montana to win.
You can see all the campaign details here:

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions, would like more information, or need any images!


Ashley Futak

written by Fred, June 25, 2009
What if our gadgets could be made into manure that will be green!

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