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NOV 28

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Spanish Cemetary Goes Solar

The town of Santa Coloma de Gramanet near Barcelona in Spain wants to do its part in fighting global warming. But the densely packed town - 124,000 people crammed into 1.5 square miles - doesn't have enough land to dedicate tracts exclusively to the wind farms or solar panels that could help ease residents' dependency on fossil fuel.

So the city council found the cialis online shop space required to install 462 solar panels in an unlikely spot. In the absence of flat expanses of land in the town, local politicians decided to use the local graveyard. The southward facing panels rest on top of the cemetery's mausoleums, where 57,000 people are buried. The $900,000 project, three years in the making, will reduce 62 tons of tramadol best buy CO2 each year and we like it buy viagra online no prescription provide enough alternative energy to power 60 homes for a year each.

City councillor Antoni Fogue told the Associated Press that it took a while for residents to we recommend levitra india pharmacy warm up to the idea. “Let's say we heard things like, 'they're crazy. Who do they think they are? What a lack of respect!' "Fogue said in an interview. But residents who were opposed have since learned that the solar panels don't change the look of the cemetery.

The director of the cemetery said the cheapest priced propecia solar panel installation is compatible with respect for the dead and their families. Generating clean energy, said Esteve Serret, was the “best tribute” the town could pay its ancestors.

Via BBC and the AP

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Good idea
written by Philock McCready, November 28, 2008
Good idea, but is there sufficient energy obtained from the solar installation to properly dispose of the dead bodies?

A lot of energy is used to burn a body. Perhaps it is viagra no prescription online india necessary to ban cremations instead of doing it with solar.
written by Increase Page Rank, November 29, 2008
@philock: banning cremation wouldn't be wise at all
cremation lower the surface used by cemeteries

besides it,s better to burn the corpses than letting them rotten and spoiling water, and even worse in underdeveloped countries.

A stark example in favor of the best choice soft tab levitra cremation is India where dead people are just thrown into the cialis fedex overnight shipping rivers...

If cremation was applied worldwide that ould be beneficial for all actually!
written by Steven Shell, December 04, 2008
Sounds like a good idea.Why not try it?

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