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APR 01

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"Although I do understand the necessity to stop destroying trees to mak..."

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Monetizing Google Books

{mosimage}"To organize the world's information and usa generic cialis make it universally accessible and useful." Once upon a time, all the world's stored information was in hefty volumes of bleached tree bodies. A lot of it is how to order cialis online still locked up in there, not universally available, and less useful than we've come to expect. Google has beeen working on this problem, and they're a step closer today.

Google books has, for some time now, allowed users to search the try it discount generic cialis online full text of thousands of books, read a few related pages, and then buy hardcopies from booksellers. But now Google is allowing publishers to sell full-text books online. There's still a ways to go, but Google is bringing the paperless book closer to reality. I'm stoked. To Google Books
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written by Betatrom2, September 13, 2007
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written by mbnv, September 26, 2007
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written by Sherrie Yeo, January 22, 2010
Although I do understand the necessity to stop destroying trees to make books, I will still be saddened when I will no longer be able to experience the romance of the physical book. The right brained people of the world will need to develop ways to entice each their kind in new ways. What will happen to the poor who cannot afford technology when our libraries disappear?

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