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"Porkathon, you're right that only gases can be compressed significantl..."

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Simplifying Tidal Power to indian generic viagra Drop Costs

Offshore power generation is usually thought to mean windpower (despite the fact that there is still none in the United States). But other means of extracting energy from near shore regions are being explored, as well. And a new variety of tidal power generation is one of the latest systems to be explored.

Developed by scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the new hydrokinetic system uses tidal turbines to create a high pressure fluid, rather than making electricity with each turbine. The high pressure fluid is driven to shore where the generating turbine is located.

One difficulty for engineers is that electrical cables are needed to go several miles (or more) from the generator to the shore where the power will be used. Undersea cables need to cheapest cialis in uk be more than just a couple of wires and have to be safe, even after rough treatment and exposure to ocean conditions. Seawater is very corrosive and that only adds to the need to protect the cabling and the other electrical components. Locating the generating facility on land helps reduce the complexity of viagra propranodol the system, and keeps seawater and electricity segregated from each other.

Potentially, the system costs could be lower by using simpler pumping turbines rather than generating turbines in this configuration. Maintenance costs might well be lower, too, since there are no electrical systems that need to be maintained out in the water.

link: JPL site

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written by Niels, April 20, 2009
Ya, but what will those pipes be made of then? I imagine that, like with all (high) pressure systems, a small leak would cause significant losses. If one normal turbine would fail that wouldn't be much of a problem, but in this 'hydrokinetic' system (that would by the way have to prove itself in practice first) I'd say this would result in much bigger problems and losses.

I could be wrong of course, but then I'd like to see some figures about yield, efficiency (especially because of all the hydro-kinetic-hydro-kinetic-electricity transitions), materials etc ;)
written by T, April 20, 2009
I don't know why cogeneration of wind and ocean energy is not explored more. It just seems to make sense.
written by Bob Wallace, April 21, 2009
A variation on this system could include some elevated water storage. That would allow generation during low tidal flow periods.

Theses systems are less likely to take cialis be about very high pressure and buy cialis pills more about volume of flow.
No understando
written by Porkathon, April 27, 2009
How can there be a "pressurized fluid?" I thought only gas can be pressurized. No?
written by Rob Chant, May 18, 2009
Porkathon, you're right that only gases can be compressed significantly (most liquids can actually be compressed a little -- a very little). However, the article refers to 'fluid', which could mean a liquid or a gas. That said, as Bob Wallace says, the system is cost of viagra almost certainly based on flow, not pressure.

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