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MAR 18

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"Still its nice to sale viagra know about these things as there are numerous papers..."

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EcoBleak: Pelamis Wave Power Plants Beached

Pelamis, the company that built the three wave power generators installed off the coast of Ecuador, has been unable to redeploy them after they were brought onshore for maintenance.

The sea snakes are owned mostly by an investment firm that is responsible for the upkeep of the devices. But that firm is now low on cash and viagra and canada custom looking to sell off some of their assets. So the wave power plants have remained on shore since November with no redeploy date in site.

The power plants were originally hoped to produce 750 MW a piece, but never produced much more than 200 MW. Add that to occasional problems with buoyancy and we can see that this truly is a pilot project.

Pelamis still is very much at the forefront of wave power technology, but the technological hurdles are quite large. Dealing with marine conditions and vastly changing weather patterns has made it difficult to keep wave power units operating. Indeed, the 72 foot-tall AquaBuOY was lost at sea about a year ago.

Wave and tidal power remain fledgling industries. But with the amount of power out there to capture, we certainly won't be surprised when people keep on purchasing cialis trying.

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Off by 1000-- kW not MW
written by Carl, March 21, 2009
The expected generation was 750kW (not MW) so typical must be 200kW. Too bad they don't reveal the kWh/year.
Not quite
written by Michael, March 22, 2009
Adding to Carl's comment, the project is off the coast of Portugal, not Ecuador. The company has now released a statement available here:

It states that although the wow)) viagra discounts company holding 70% of the project is in financial trouble, the machines are on shore because of a technical problem.
@Not quite
written by Mustafa Hawass, March 24, 2009
Adding to Michaels comment which adds to Carl's comment... how can articles be published without checking up the facts. This is buy cialis professional no prescription a problem with new media, the news is devalued and potentially completely wrong.
written by hyperspaced, March 25, 2009
Still the power output is significant. It's not a solution you dismiss easily.
written by Kevin Coleman, April 01, 2009
Still its nice to know about these things as there are numerous papers that would overlook these stories as un-newsworthy!
But lets not condemn the author, even if the facts are a little off course they are not as far as the regular press make them frequently.
Kev C

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