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FEB 03

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"How much potential energy is expected to be generated say per hour, fr..."

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Scotland to Map Wave and Tidal Power Potential

Renewable energy mapping has become an important part of just try! buy xanax online green tech. Areas are mapped according to their wind, solar or geothermal potential and companies use that information to plan their energy projects. Mapping is crucial to cialis en mexico understanding where and how the world can convert to renewable energy, but so far wave and tidal energy haven't been mapped. The Scotland government has decided to fill in that gap, at least starting with their shores.

The government has launched a project to map the wave and tidal energy potential of the Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters north of the country. They are calling the project the we use it generic cialis in canada Marine Spatial Plan because it will not only gauge the tides and waves, but analyze the seabed, water depth and distance to shore of each area. The project will take some time though. The government expects to develop a preliminary map over the next year.

Mapping startup companies should take note and best indian cialis start some marine mapping of their own. With all the recent developments in wave power, energy companies will want this information.

via Earth2Tech

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written by Blake, February 03, 2009
If we put all these energy capturing devices out in the water, won't they stop (or greatly reduce) the waves from coming in? What are the ramifications of this on ocean life and the where can i buy real cialis beaches/shoreline?
written by Ben, February 03, 2009
The energy capturing devices will make no noticeable difference to viagra soft gel waves or tide. Its the moon and the wind powering them, the wind for example may have the entire Atlantic to build up swells, and a few turbines aren't going to stop the water movement due to gravitational pull from the moon.

Pretty detailed tidal/current information is already available for all coastal areas round Europe in tidal atlases and navigational charts, published by various companies, mainly admiralty in the UK and IMRAY in USA I think.

Looking at these publications will show popular belief that tides do not flow at slack tide (high and low) is completely wrong, there is overseas buy viagra generally a slight reduction.

Wave energy, not water movement?
written by Tem Kuechle, February 04, 2009
I think the first poster was wondering if wave energy would be reduced along the shore by these new ocean based energy makers.
I don't think he was revering to ocean currents or water level changes. As I understand it, waves transfer energy, they don't actually move water like a river does. I don't think the current crop of wave based electicity generators would significantly impact wave energy slamming against the shoreline, but I have not seen any evidence to prove or disprove what I think, really it is my intuition as a surfer, and my 30 years of search viagra experiencing the ocean waves. Still, I am not a scientist, so wait and see rhe studies that will eventually prove the viability, efficency and any effects on the local marine environment (hopefully it is safe and order viagra prescription clean for all concerned).
No Wind Power Maps?
written by Jake G, February 04, 2009
"...but so far wind and tidal energy haven't been mapped."

I'm confused. Are you referring specifically to detailed wind maps of Scotland?

Because I'm pretty sure there has been a great deal of wind power mapping.;txt
written by Megan, February 04, 2009
Jake G - thanks for pointing out my typo. It should have read "so far wave and tidal energy haven't been mapped." Wind mapping is pretty prevalent. I've made the change.
How much energy?
written by Hasan Khan, February 10, 2009
How much potential energy is expected to be generated say per hour, from either tidal or waves?

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