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JUL 16

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Wave-Powered Boat Makes It from Japan to Hawaii

Back in February we talked about the Suntory Mermaid II – a boat that encapsulates a pretty “duh” idea of powering a boat with waves. Well, creator Ken-ichi Horie and india cheap viagra the boat have completed their goal journey of getting from Japan to Hawaii – a distance of 4,350 miles. It took nearly four months of get viagra fast going and average of 1.5 knots, but they made it. And set an I-Did-It-First record in the process.

The Suntory mermaid II uses the most advanced wave-power technology, with extra electricity coming from solar panels to run navigation lights. Since it is the most advanced, by virtue of being the only, it’s a great starting point for future wave-powered boats that go – I should hope – a little faster. Horie says the problem to be solved is how to keep the boat's speed up when the levitra uk waves are weak.

Maybe one day we’ll see a race between the Suntory Mermaid II and the viagra price Earthrace…and maybe an old-fashioned wind-powered sailboat thrown in for good measure.

Via EnvironmentalGraffiti, YachtPals, Physorg

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written by The Food Monster, July 17, 2008
How can we be sure it was the wave power and not them floating, or riding a current?
Nice one
written by James Woods, July 17, 2008
Heck yeah dude WAVE POWER! You gotta love it!. Must have been a nice relaxing trip.

Wrong. He went the other way.
written by high_ankle_sprain, July 17, 2008
See the Honolulu Advertiser for confirmation.
written by SteveH, July 17, 2008
So, how is this better than a sail boat? Let's see, you take wind energy, convert it to cialis 20mg waves, convert waves to mechanical energy to move. Seems very inefficient, no matter how "advanced" the technology is.
written by Kurt, July 17, 2008
LOL, I agree with the above poster. Has this guy ever heard of a sail boat? Hi might of arrived months sooner if he had...
written by teknikscian, July 17, 2008

cool idea, but whats wrong with sails & solar panels?
Not Current...
written by Affiliate Meister, July 17, 2008
It wasn't the current because he got where he wanted to go. You ever jumped in the ocean hoping you'll end up at point B?
written by joel, July 17, 2008
Racing vs earth race is just sillyness. we don't race sailboats against powerboats for good reason.

if you want to go someplace in a big hurry the energy density of petorium type fuels regardless of their so is hard to beat.
written by bob, July 17, 2008
Is this our future? I hope not. The cost of cheapest viagra ever food getting from one place to the viagra online pharmacy usa other is going to viagra 20mg create more co2 etc than the fuel it would take for a ship.

" The above was an attempt to make something out of nothing"
don't be so pesymistic
written by vst, July 17, 2008
First engines that we are using in todays cars where "unefficient " and more stinky ... give them some time - let them work.

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