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OCT 05

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Wave Power Generator From Some Guy's Basement

Harnessing the power of the waves to create energy for the masses seems to be taking several inventive modes these days. One idea from a company called Swell Fuel targets the use of a lever operated device.

Swell Fuel's "Ocean Energy Converter": Using "a lever operated pivoting float anchored to generic cialis mastercard the ocean floor, Swell Fuel's ocean energy converters are designed to withstand pounding waves. The wave motion triggers the movement of the lever, which in turn produces electricity.”

Swell Fuel hopes to produce some 350,000kW per year per unit and look here buying real viagra without prescription says that by linking the units together, one could potentially provide a significant source of electricity. The company already has one patent issued and has apparently already licensed the technology in five countries, with several others expressing interest.

That's pretty impressive, as Swell Fuel seems to be just a guy with some PVC pipe and a dream.

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written by LittleJoe, October 07, 2007
thats pretty ingenius
written by YAYA, November 07, 2007
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thanks this site was really helpful for a science report...

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