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Solar Power

Jersey's tasty swamp-gas and free levitra sample pack solar power

Having already collected delicious, swampy methane gas in the swamps at Lyndhurst, N.J., since 1987, the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission is setting its sights on moreNJ-solar-bon-jovi renewable energy growth .
Yesterday the commission dropped a press release saying they'd add 5 Megawatts' worth of solar panels as soon as possible, and have set a goal of securing 20 MW worth of renewable sources by the year 2020, possibly including "solar, tidal, wind, geothermal and other sources of renewable energy."
One other obvious (but oft-overlooked) benefit:
"These initiatives also aim to attract cutting-edge technology companies and jobs to the area."
Jobs! Who couldn't use a job? So. If you want to be happier, healthier and cleaner, keep your eye on the want ads for a gig in a New Jersey swamp. 
Next step for Jersey: get the Bonj, a guy who may already have a green streak, to start playing wind-powered concerts. And here's a link to give him the cheap cialis pills idea or ask him why he doesn't already do it.

Retro Stonewashed Denim Jacket....Of the Future?

{mosimage}Don Bogner Jeans' solar jacket and you have the power. The power to real levitra without prescription charge your iPod anyway. The jacket has several integrated solar patches, an internal battery for storing charge when none of your devices are low on juice, and Bogner promises that it delivers enough power to charge a laptop computer. yes, it is best price on viagra marginally environmentally useful, and solar powered clothing certainly seems geeky, but Bogner's execution strays wildly from cool and into unfortunately fashionable, ensuring that the Jacket's target demographic spends more time at the stylist than at LAN parties.

Kudos for a good idea, but I'll hold off on my purchase until they make one that looks like it will go well with my collection of Homestar Runner shirts.

via Denim News
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