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Solar Power

Video: History and buy viagra in canada Future of ordering viagra online Solar from Sunpower President

Since I've gotten myself on the subject of Solar Power (thanks to buy discount viagra online Superman's Selfish concealment of his powers) I'm pleased that everyone with an Internet connection how has access to this 45 minute video from the President and Chief Technology Officer of Sunpower, Dr. Richard Swanson. 
What Superman won't tell us, we're figuring out on our own.  Sunpower makes the most efficient solar cells on earth and their doing it cheaper every year.  While a lot of research has gone into alternative methods for creating solar cells (concentrators and thin films particularly) traditional silicon wafer cells have gotten much cheaper and are completely in control of the solar power market.

Next year, Dr. Swanson proudly proclaims, the solar industry will consume more tons of silicon than the electronics industry.  Considering that creating silicon wafers is a ridiculously dirty process requiring enormous refineries, he probably shouldn't be so proud.  But it's good to see the the best pharmacy store industry in such good health and growing. 
No matter what he says, though, I'm still voting for thin films and concentrators, just because they use less silicon (or none at all.)  The video is a great history of cheap propecia order online silicon solar power and levitra canada generic also gives a good account of where the industry is headed (though possibly somewhat biased, as the guy is the president of the second leading producer of solar cells in the world.)

Superman Solar Powered, Selfish

supermanOK, I just got home from Superman Returns and I think Lex Luthor was right.  I mean...Superman, sure he saves a lot of people, but usually small groups of individuals in straightforward ways.  What he doesn't do is use the combined knowledge of the 28 known galaxies stored in his crystalline supercomputer to serve the interests of Mankind.  

Let's just take one example: Superman is solar powered.  He gets all of generic cialis cheapest india his amazing strength and energy from our yellow sun, but you've never seen him go to a laboratory and try to figure out how exactly that energy conversion takes place.  
Instead of taking the viagra online switzerland easy way out, I guess we'll have to just labor through the next 20 or 30 years of solar power breakthroughs before we can truly rely on it as an economically viable source of power.  

No thanks to Superman...


25% Efficiency Boost from See-Through Solar Cells


The direct conversion of sunlight to viagra online us]non generic viagra electricity is canadian generic cialis online looking to become economically competitive with traditional burning-hot-stuff electricity within the next ten or fifteen years.  Every time something happens to shorten that period of time, we do a little dance here at EcoGeek.  No, we aren’t going to tell you about the dance…we’re going to tell you about Holographic Solar photovoltaics.  

It’s actually kinda difficult to get a photovoltaic cell to absorb a wide wavelength of light.  While some work is being done to increase the spectrum of light PVs can absorb (even into the infrared range) Prism Solar Technologies is splitting sunlight and concentrating specific wavelengths onto a variety of cells designed to collect those specific wavelengths.  

In their most recent trial, the holographic concentrators boosted the efficiency per square inch of photo-cell by 25%.  Excellent because the concentrators are cheaper than the silicon solar cells, and also because they’re less environmentally costly to how to order viagra online create.  If the cost of the concetrators drops enough, we could see economicall competitive solar panels (that you can see through most of) even sooner.) 

Via TreeHugger



8 in 10 Want their Houses to Power Themselves

solarThe results of a probably somewhat biased poll given to 1,004 Americans by the world's largest solar-cell producer, Japan's Sharp Electronics Corp show that 80% of Americans want to have solar power as a part of their houses.  Two thirds of Americans are willing to pay a premium for solar panels and half said they'd pay 10% more for a house with solar panels. 

The number one reason cited: to save money. 

Ron Kenedi, VP of solar stuff at Sharp said, "Solar has been popular for a long time in areas like California and Arizona. Now we're seeing that the viagra online ordering rest of the country is ready to embrace solar energy, and consumers want the option of having solar power their new home."  So, what you're saying is, when it was economically viable to have solar power in places with lots of sunshine, people had solar panels?  And now that it's economically viable in other areas, those people want solar as well.  Crazy...

From PersonalTechPipeline


A New Kind of Solar Cell

We've already seen prototypes for a solar powered MP3 player here at EcoGeek, and a solar cell phone is an obvious next step for the prototypers of the world.
Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is a consortion of over 50 technology research firms (most of which are, surprise! German.)  Details on their solar powered cell phone are sketchy, and we are skeptical. This would, at best, simply be an alternate method for charging your phone.  It wouldn't replace power chords and, unless solar panels get much more efficient (or some mysterious Russian substance saves the day) there simply won't be enough surface area on online levitra a phone to power it.
Now, we should be fair, phones are getting more efficient all the time.  But they're also getting smaller (less room for panels.)  I'm ready to say that, if this ever happens, it's five years away.  For now, we'll just have to settle for solar backpacks and clothes .
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