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Solar Power

Solar-Powered, Health-Monitoring Clothing

solarjacketWhat now?  Well, Taiwan is lowest price levitra finally putting it's massive electronics manufacturing base to work for itself.  They're creating a jacket, presumably, that will have solar panels integrated into it.  The solar panels will power some various health-monitoring devices (body heat, heart rate, blood pressure, and an RFID emitter that will beam the information to the health provider.

Freakin' weird.  From Infoworld: "A system could be designed that's powerful enough to run a laptop computer, but it would take a lot more solar panels -- and therefore a very big jacket, said Chang Cheng-tung, deputy chief of system integration at the institute."  Apparently we could see these 'e-health' jackets within a couple of years.  I like the idea, I just probably won't like the jacket. 

Mimicking Chlorophyl

Usually when we talk about solar cells, there are just two varieties.  Silicon and canada levitra online thin film.  Both were our ideas.  We thought, "Well, if a photon can knock an electron off a substance a plant made, why not a substance people made."  So we came up with substances that lose electrons when hit with photons. 

But, just now, when blogging about Jimmy Stewart and the future of Solar Power as seen in 1938, I realized that EcoGeek has never once mentioned what is still the future of solar power: Porphyrin.  Instead of creating our own substances that will lose electrons, some scientists are using porphyrin, the chemical that plants use to convert light into electricity. 

Porphyrin chemistry is confusing and troublesome.  And while it's been going on for a while, practical applications are still a ways off.  But, when they do tramadol oline no prescription arrive, we can expect much broader capabilities from solar power.  Porphyrin complexes, for example, can be painted on in huge swaths or incorporated into plastics.  They're also two to generic levitra from canada three times more efficient than anything silicon or thin film. 

The Fresh Science Initiative has announced that a team in Sydney has taken the first steps to practical organic solar cells.  By attaching hundreds porphyrin molecules to the outside of several bucky balls, the team has managed to create a high enough density of porpharyn molecules to produce a significant amount of electricity. Though they're certainly in the obtain viagra without prescription first stages, it will be very exciting to follow their progress.

Leaves are extremely efficient, inexpensive, and environmentally neutral solar cells.  It's in our best interest to figure out how they do it as soon as possible so we can rid ourselves of our clumsy first attempts at mimicking nature. 
Via ABCNews 

One Million Solar Roofs

solarroofCalifornia has a brand new law.  Last week, Governor Schwarzenegger signed a bill to increase the use of viagra alternative solar power in his state. The "Million Solar Roofs" bill seeks to increase California's use of solar power, especially at the residential level.

Grist points out some of the provisions of this bill which include a requirement for production homebuilders to online viagra sales offer solar systems as a standard option. It also increases the amount of electricity that net-metered homes can sell back to the utility at retail rates (getting only wholesale rate on your net metered electricity is a disincentive for more people to participate).

Much of California, with its sunny climate, is the kind of place where individual solar hot water systems and photovoltaics just makes sense.  Especially as the price drops, and the costs of traditional power sources rise.

via: Grist


Thinking about Going Solar?


So you've decided that you need to add some solar power to your life. But where, you ask yourself, can I find someone who will install my new system?

A new website called has a large database of solar/alternative energy professionals, an extensive FAQ section to help you gather more information about solar power alternatives, and a Solar Estimator that will help you evaluate solar power options, in terms of buying levitra overnight delivery cost, payback period, etc.

via: EC&M Magazine


Solar Panel Printing Press

NanoSolar has just announced that it will be building a 430 MW / year production facility.  That's equivalent to about 200 million solar cells per year.  The best thing about Nanosolar is that they don't use silicon.  Traditional solar cells require the use of expensive and environmentally costly to buy real viagra online produce silicon wafers.  The solar industry, if you can believe it, actually uses more silicon than the microprocessor industry.  And silicon is nasty stuff. 

So Nanosolar's thin-film, printable, copper-indium-gallium-selenium cells are very desirable.  They're thin, flexible, durable and cheap.  Depending on how much efficiency they can squeeze out of these cells and how cheap they can ultimately make them, solar might soon become cheaper than conventional power sources in much of the country.  All thanks to Nanosolar (and that $25 million in seed funding from the founders of Google.)
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