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Solar Power

An EcoGeek at Wired NextFest: SOLAR

Photovoltaic technology is one day delivery cialis still rather pricey, but innovators are finding new applications. As a result, the original energy source is finding its way into our daily lives.


Photovoltaic systems have long been out of reach for most homeowners but Stellaris' ClearPower Solar changes all that. ClearPower Solar uses passive concentrating optics technology, decreasing the amount of cialis on line pricing in canada expensive silicon-based photovoltaic material required while boosting efficiency. Since direct sunlight is not needed no moving parts or maintenance are required. Low-energy light passes through the units allowing for architectural integration in the form of skylights or curtain walls.  

nextfestsolar Integrating solar in the household can also be achieved using the Energy Curtain, a window shade woven from a combination of textile, solar-collectors and drug generic cialis light-emitting materials. Designed by the Swedish Interactive Institute, as part of a study on how everyday products might be designed to better express patterns of long-term energy use, it collects light during the day then during the evening, the collected energy is expressed as a glowing pattern on the inside of the shade.

nextfestsolar3Another bright idea for integrating renewable energy into our daily lives is the patent pending Suntrap Handbag. A Solar-charged battery powers the electroluminescent lining making it easier to find things inside. The lighting shuts its self off after 15 seconds to conserve energy. Portable devices such as cell phone, PDA, or MP3 player can also be charged via USB port.

The Power of One Solar Car Project, or Xof1 for short, was initially developed with the intention to tramadol 50mg tabs compete in the prestigious World Solar Challenge. Instead their car set off to break the world distance record for a solar car. The space age looking car weighs roughly 660 lbs (300kg) with driver and the 50mg viagra retail price entire top body of the car is covered by solar cells and tops out at 75mph (120 km/hr). The website features instructions on purchase propecia online how you can make your own mini solar car.



Fiber Optic Solar Lighting Roundup

solarlight1 Sunlight is the standard for lighting. It's what our eyes are adapted to, it's absolutely free, and it is the light we are most comfortable with. Inside buildings, we've gotten used to having artificial lighting, but spaces with daylight are always nicer.

A range of companies are now producing systems for capturing sunlight and transmitting it into the interior of on line pharmacy australia cialis a building with fiber optic cables, where it is what is viagra professional used to illuminate spaces that cannot benefit from direct daylighting through windows. Today we feature three companies with fundamentally similar systems. Each uses a rooftop collector (though each has its own approach for this) to gather sunlight and a fiber optic cable bundle to carry the light into the building.

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Photovoltaic OLEDs: The Lightbulb Combines with the Solar Panel


Organic LEDs take electricity and convert it directly into light, a wonderful and useful purpose that we have great hopes for.  But what if the process could run both ways.  Sometimes the OLED turns electricity into light, and other times it turns light into electricity.  It's basically the same thing, just backwards, right?

Well, apparently, it is possible, as scientists and engineers at Cornell have done it!  These have all the wonderful properties of OLED's, they're flexible, they produce a lot of light per watt, and they can be mass produced inexpensively.  But also, when exposed to bright light, the reaction is reversed, and a current flows out of the OLED instead of into it.

So now, OLEDs can be both an energy collector and a light emitter, depending on the needs of the consumer.  Imagine your cell phone's backlight collecting energy from ambient light when not in use.  Or your windows collecting energy during the day and then producing light at night. 

Soon, OLEDs may offer both low-cost lighting and low-cost energy production.  A paper on this subject was just published in the journal Science, in which the Cornell researchers recognized that they needed to discover ways to make the find viagra without prescription photovoltaic reaction more efficient before it can be mass produced. 
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Solar Powered Death Chamber for Ants

antcharmerWe're don't generally promote the mass slaughter of tens of thousands of animals. But under very specific conditions, we'd say it's OK.  For example, if the animals are exotic, invasive, poisonous, dangerous, and live in mounds of earth that likely bubbled up from the seventh circle of hell.

Kill Fire everything you can do it. But if you can do it with a solar ant charmer and absolutely no pesticides, do that first.  This Ant Charmer converts the suns rays into low energy electric signals that attract ants to the device.  Once in the cone, the ants can't escape, and simply pile up in a mass of canadian viagra and healthcare teaming ant flesh that is probably the most dangerous thing you will ever have in your back yard.  Frankly, I'm surprised that the one day delivery cialis government didn't develop these, seal them, and then write up a classified plan on how to use them as bio-terror weapons.  I am so afraid of the picture on the bottom...I can't tell you.  I'll just say I've had bad experiences, bad experiences that ended with me pantsless and screaming.

After you've collected a good number of ants (there's a gauge on the side that tells you roughly how many you've caught, topping out at 50,000,) close the device and lift it out of the ground (preferably while wearing a bio-hazard suit.) And then add soapy water to only best offers levitra without prescription online the ants to kill them.  Wash out the device, and do it all over again. 

Technically it's a very eco-friendly way to kill the bastards, but it seems extremely frightening to me. 

Emissions Free Headphones.

solar_radioOK, we don't usually think of our portable music as having emissions but, in this age, almost everything that uses electricity has some CO2 byproduct.  Well, not these headphones.  Just put them on your head and, as long as it's not night time, or dreary, they'll pick up local radio and thump it into your eardrums using the power of the sun. 

And, the battery even charges while you're listening.  One hour of sunlight can provide enough juice for up to 3 hours of music.  No wires, no charging, it's all built in and buy cialis online cheap you can get it all for $38.
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