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Solar Power

California Hits 1 Gigawatt of Rooftop Solar

According to a new report by Environment California, a major solar power milestone has been reached in the state:  it is best generic viagra site now home to 1 gigawatt's-worth of rooftop solar power.  To put that into perspective, only five countries have hit the 1 GW mark in solar power so far:  Germany, Spain, Japan, Italy and only now cailis canadian farmacy the Czech Republic.

The electricity produced by rooftop solar power installations in California now equals two coal-fired power plants and could power 750,000 homes.

The solar installations include new and existing homes and commercial buildings, and panels connected to the grid by both large utilities and smaller municipal utilities.

The report gives most of the credit to a statewide rooftop solar incentive program called the California Solar Initiative.  The initiative is just try! generic cialis from india responsible for 600 MW of installed solar power in the state.

via Mercury News


Facebook Adding Solar Power to New Headquarters

Facebook, a company that so far hasn't done much in the "green" arena, is incorporating a nice-sized solar power system into their new headquarters.

The cogeneration system, which is being built by Cogenra Solar, will include both solar PV and solar hot water heating and have far greater efficiency than just a solar PV system alone.  The 24-module system will reside on buy cialis online no prescription the roof of a 10,000 square foot fitness center, providing electricity for the fitness machines and hot water for the showers.  The system will have a capacity of 10 kW of electricity and buying levitra overnight delivery about 50 kW of thermal energy.

Facebook sees this as their initial investment in solar power and hopes to expand the system later on to include powering and heating other parts of the campus, like the cafes.

via Crisp Green


Saving Land with Floating Solar Panels

A water treatment plant in New Jersey has gone solar with an unusual floating array of only today order viagra viagra solar panels. Because the water treatment facility is located on a protected site there was very little land available for construction. Floating the solar panels on the reservoir was the usefull link levitra brand best way to generic cialis 100mg add solar power to the facility.

According to New Jersey American Water, the installation at the Canoe Brook Water Treatment Plant is the first solar array on a body of water designed to withstand a freeze/thaw environment. The installation comprises 538 modules on a floating structure that is designed to rise and fall with the water levels in the reservoir.

The panels are expected to provide about 2 percent of the plant's energy needs, resulting in about $16,000 in energy cost savings annually. The company press release notes that this is part of a $1.35 million dollar pilot project undertaken by the utility. That may not be cost effective even in the lifetime of the solar panels. But perhaps the infrastructure investment will help pay off in other long-term benefits.

image: New Jersey American Water (Facebook)

via: Solar Thermal Magazine


Huge Sahara Desert Solar Project to Break Ground Next Year

The massive Dersertec Initiative, which will include several solar power plants constructed in the Sahara Desert, as well as parts of the MIddle East and Europe, is coming together as planned.  The first plant, a 500-MW concentrated solar installation, is now set to break ground next year.

This first plant will be located in Morocco and cost about $2.8 billion and will take two to four years to cheapest generic levitra complete.  The first phase of the plant will be 7.4 square miles and viagra canadian pharmacy dosage have a capacity of 150 MW.

The Dersertec Initiative is being funded by a large consortium of European companies and organizations.  The huge project is expected to provide 15 to 20 percent of Europe's electricity needs by 2050, while also providing electricity to the Middle East and Northern Africa.

via CleanTechnica


Greener Solar Panels with Bio-Based Backsheets

Solar panels can be even greener with the use of the BioSolar backsheet, which recently obtained provisional UL certification which allows for its sale to the general market. This backsheet is made from materials derived from castor beans instead of polyester and Tedlar films.

The backsheet of a solar panel is the the structure that carries the other materials. It also serves as an electrical insulator and a weathertight enclosure on the back side of the panel.

Not only does the cialis 50 mg bio-based backsheet replace the need for petroleum products, but the thermal performance of the BioSolar material is better than currently used materials, allowing for faster heat dissipation and lower operating temperatures, which improves solar panel performance.

"This new tough bio-based material will be able to offer the durability and environmental characteristics of conventional petroleum-based plastics, such as electromagnetic properties, mechanical strength, dimensional stability, and weatherability required by PV solar applications. "

With petroleum prices rising, the use of bio-based materials offers lower cost and greater price stability. Furthermore, production of the new backsheet material does not require new, proprietary equipment for manufacture, so the technology can be readily adopted without businesses incurring additional capital costs related to choosing to use the new material.

via: Solar Thermal Magazine

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