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JUL 13

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"just wondering if anyone knows of a battery charger that plugs into a ..."

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Big Beefy Solar Charger

Because wireless devices aren't wireless if you have to carry a charger around with you, we're featuring yet another solar charger. We really just need to have a running list of these things because they're just flowing onto the market these days.

The whole package is basically a 6 square foot mat of solar panel and usefull link best quality viagra a big ol' battery pack. You can charger the cialis 30 mg 300 watt battery back with the panels in 12 hours of full sunlight (good luck finding that outside of an Alaskan summer.)

A laptop on its own could be charged in about 5 hours. Whole system costs about $500, but the panels or the battery pack can be purchased separately as well. The panel running $350, and the battery $150. Of course, this set up can do usa levitra everything. Charge your cell phone, iPod, and laptop while running a drill and a blender. I'm not entirely sure what kind of person needs a drill and a blender at the same time, but if you're that kind of person, go know you want it.

Buy it at EarthTech.

Via Gizmodo

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written by Joel, July 14, 2007
I think you have the wrong variety of viagra online in canada "its"'re using the cialis australia no prescription contraction, when you seem to want the (apostrophe-less) possessive.
written by Brian Green, July 14, 2007
It's good to see solar power edging forward more and more. I'd simply buy two solar panels and be able to charge it in less time. I've seen video of a house with the entire roof being solar panels. I think as they get more efficiency out of them we'll see even more people buy them. Personally, I think any solar setup you buy ought to have the same government subsidy they give the oil industry!
written by Mike, July 14, 2007
I get excited every time I read about another solar product. I can't help but think how far we would have come if people didn't practically abandon solar power development almost 100 years ago. Check out these early pioneers.
written by dell, November 30, 2007
just wondering if anyone knows of a battery charger that plugs into a solar charger. i've got the power monkey explorer but also need to charge batteries while in the bush. freeloader makes a battery charger that plugs into the freeloader solar pack, but are there any others out their?


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