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"I see where some places they have cut down trees becuase of solar pann..."

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Stupid Laws Screw Solar

As ever, it seems that the intervention of people has been totally counterproductive in moving the world into a sustainable future. It seems that in California, that renowned hotbed of solar activity, and over here in the UK, from where this EcoGeek writes there are some silly decisions being made about how to cialis order fund and cost low tramadol finance solar electricity.

In L.A., In this instance, the Governator may have dropped a clanger, by forcing those who wish to connect their installation to the grid, to sign up with the utilities for power-plans that charge more for power at peak time. This really screws with the economics of viagra tablet weight installing solar arrays for those good guys who want to do the right thing. Sales of solar panels have gone down almost 80% in a year that was supposed to herald the beginning of a million solar roofs.

Over in the United Kingdom, they don't seem to be getting things much better. The Low Carbon Buildings Programme, which has already been heavily lambasted for being "sold out" within the first day of becoming available, has now decided to cut the amount it gives to just try! viagra rx each homeowner by half. Can we make a suggestion? Uhhh...why not increase the funding instead of slashing subsidies.

At a time when the levitra philippines renewable energy industry needs crucial support from the 'powers that be' and when we urgently need to reduce our carbon emissions, why is there so little support from the people who govern us. Contrast the snail like speed with which legislators fund renewable energy with the hare-like pace with which they fund war.

Via Los Angeles Times and The BBC

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written by Enrique, May 11, 2007

The solar roof installations are moving at fast pace in other parts of the state of Calfornia.
The problem is in Central California with one utility company. I believe witthin 100 days the democrat led legislature will amend the law with the governor's blessing.
written by Steph, May 11, 2007
There has been such hype surrounding the Governator going green -- it almost seems as if the California media deems it the only green story worth covering. It is tiresome and, as I suspected, is turning out to be more than a little hyperbolic.

I hope the dems do flex their muscles on purchase cheap levitra this one.

Good point about the war .... So frustrating!
good news in Australia
written by Vincenze, May 11, 2007
In Australia, our government just announced in their budget they double the rebate for household solar to $8000AUD, that's some good news :)


written by m, May 11, 2007
Anyone know what kind of buy ultram generic solar roofing that is - details be much appreciated
What a load of.....
written by Ross, May 11, 2007
I can't believe the UK Government has gone and thrown that massive spanner in the works! How are people possibly going to justify spending thousands of pounds more on technologies, which let's face it, would have struggled to pay for themselves in the first place! Anybody who could have afforded it before just won't even think about it now!

We were considering a 5 kWp Solar PV installation at home, which would have cost around £23k, but with £15k back through the grants scheme, but to viagra order say now that we'd only get £2.5k back is a joke! There's a difference between trying to scrape together some cash and a small fortune!

M, as for the type of solar roofing, if you mean in the picture, it looks like amorphous pv cells on replacement roof tiles to me... please correct me if i'm wrong anyone!?
Renewable Bureaucracy
written by JonBuck, May 14, 2007
Is there's something California has no shortage of, it's red tape. Texas surpassed us last year as the largest producer of wind energy, and is going to add another thousand MW just this year. The Horse Hollow wind farm is now the largest in the world. Granted, the state of Texas has a much larger wind energy potential then California. But wind energy projects and other alt energy can't get built here.
Strangely enough
written by RenewableEnergyStudent, April 16, 2008
The governor's requirement that people sign up for the variable rate utility system isn't actually that bad. In fact, it may even be better for the average homeowner. During the middle of the day, when power rates are at their highest due to industrial power use, the homeowner is producing the most solar energy that they can. So much that, if the solar system is big enough, they can bleed off their extra electricity into the grid. The utility company then reimburses them for the power they are effectively "selling" to the utility, and it pays them the higher midday rates for it. At night, when industry isn't running as hard, power is cheaper.

In short, when the sun is viagra online no prescription shining you're getting paid high rates for your extra solar production, and at night when theres no sun you get to use cheap grid-supplied electricity.
wind turbines and birds
written by Wildbird, October 25, 2008
If i were a bird and injured myself on a wind turbine ide sue those eco-freaks for wanting those stupid things in place of nucular or thermal energy just think some bird sues the cialis delivered overnight greens would taht make for the tabloids 8)
Solar energy not for the future
written by Flu-Bird, January 20, 2009
I see where some places they have cut down trees becuase of solar pannels and overnight levitra generic then as we know the sun dont always shine 24/7 theres periods of clouds and night comes as well we shouldnt depend on solar energy but look at other alternatives after all more people died in ted kennedys car then at THREE MILE ISLAND

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