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OCT 09

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"Trust me. It will never go into production. This kind of levitra generic ordering advancement i..."

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Biomimetic Vascular Solar Cells

Researchers at North Carolina State University have come up with a new way of making solar cells with a method that uses circulation much like that in plant leaves to maintain the we choice cheap cialis 50mg efficiency of the cells.

Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC) are organic cells that use light-sensitive dyes to generate electricity. These cells could eventually make low-cost and more environmentally-friendly collectors for solar energy, but until now, the problem has been that the dyes eventually break down due to ultraviolet rays from the sun and lose their efficiency.

The NCSU scientists have created a cell with vascular chanels, much like the veins in a leaf, to allow them to replenish the wow)) levitra online doctor dye and thereby maintain the efficiency of the cell. Lead author Prof. Orlin Velev describes the process: “We considered how the branched network in a leaf maintains water and nutrient levels throughout the leaf. Our microchannel solar cell design works in a similar way. Photovoltaic cells rendered ineffective by high intensities of ultraviolet rays were regenerated by pumping fresh dye into the channels while cycling the exhausted dye out of the cell. This process restores the device’s effectiveness in producing electricity over multiple cycles.”

DSSCs are made with "a water-based gel core, electrodes, and inexpensive, light-sensitive, organic dye molecules that capture light and generate electric current." The simpler, non-metallic makeup of these cells could make them less expensive to produce, and could mean less extraction of rare minerals required in order to continue to provide solar energy.

via: Cleantechnica

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written by Fodor, October 21, 2013
Just because something mimics a natural structure/design doesn't mean that the mimicry is good or worthwhile.
Fairly amazing
written by green commercial cleaning, October 22, 2013
You have to admit, though, it IS an astounding imitation of cialis philippines nature, and if it was more efficient it could be a huge advantage in the solar energy field. Nature does things best.
Can't be too sure about that
written by Enje, October 26, 2013
Agree that nature does things best. But human are also quite good at making things a lot better. Downside though, something we make it bad.
Potential for the future
written by Jenna , November 19, 2013
I am all for any improvements they can make to solar power! It's the potential to discount cialis cialis keep the cost down that will make it more economically feasible on a large scale, which is where we will see real change.
Solarliving UK Website
written by Solarliving UK Website, January 02, 2014
Photos and video of white house solar panel installation have now been made public. The White House is an important monument, it being the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States.
Solarliving UK Website
it will never go into production
written by skeptic, January 28, 2014
Trust me. It will never go into production. This kind of advancement in renewable tech is we use it viagra where to buy always pushed back or suddenly gone with the wind.
Spray-on solar cell was research back in 2009-2010. They say it will be available in 3 years.
Now it's already 2014.

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