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DEC 08

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"Isn't Mr. Buffet an advisor to the President. Isn't First Solar a ben..."

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Warren Buffett's Utility Buying 550 MW Solar Farm

MidAmerican Energy, a utility owned by Warren Buffett's company Berkshire Hathaway, is purchasing a large solar farm in California.  The 550-MW Topaz Solar Farm is being sold by First Solar for an as-yet-unknown price, though construction costs are estimated at about $2 billion.

The solar farm, located in the Carrizo Plain, is currently under construction and mail order levitra should be up and running by 2014.  It will use First Solar's thin-film technology and generate enough electricity to power 160,000 homes.

The Topaz solar farm is MidAmerican Energy's first solar energy purchase, but the utility has already been big on wind, ranking as the #1 utility in America for wind power by controlling 2,909 MW of capacity.

via Treehugger

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written by sarah, December 14, 2011
thank you mega billionaire for doing the viagra superactive right thing even if it turns a profit in the process.
written by Gretchen, December 15, 2011
I hope he does turn a profit. Things that turn profits tend to expand. Everyone watches Warren Buffett. Let's hope capitalism works as it should this time.
Right idea, wrong concept.
written by ResearcherGuy, December 15, 2011
Placing thin film panels on the ground in an industrial setting will mandate that the ground be virtually sanitized underneath. ...and maintained as such.

This technology is cialis cost canada better suited for placement on top of something the could make use of i use it lowest price for viagra this ground area. Why not lease the roofs of the nation's thousands of Walmarts and reduce their cooling costs with the shade? Maybe they could even use some of the power onsite and reduce transmission load.

We really do have to start thinking about these technologies as parts of bigger systems but as long as they're financed the budget viagra same old way, short term profit is all that will matter. How's that phrase go again? "We've got to keep 7 billion people happy..."
Wildlife versus Solar Power
written by Tom Jolly, December 17, 2011
While the comment about sterilization of the ground under solar panels is generally true, there isn't actually any reason for it. A solar installation could easily be built to protect both itself and the wildlife living underneath it. Of course, all that extra shade would likely change the ecosystem of the area, but the point it, you could still have an entire open ecosystem existing in the same space as a solar power installation with negligible harm to either.
Wait a minute....
written by JoeNY, December 21, 2011
Isn't Mr. Buffet an advisor to the President. Isn't First Solar a beneficiary of best price pharmcy 180 tramadol the President's policies and "stimulus"? Isn't Nancy Pelosi's brother-in-law on the board of directors of the company? It's convenient that First Solar (donor owned, Pelosi's relative managed, and failing with taxdollar support) is selling it's solar farm to one of the President's advisors. I guess it's good to be a donor and a cronie.

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