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JUN 20

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"this is a nice model for architects to determine optimal roof angle an..."

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New Map Shows NYC Could Double Nation's Solar Capacity with Rooftop Arrays

A new map created by the City University of New York and uk viagra the Department of Energy shows that two-thirds of the New York City's rooftops are suitable for solar power installations and if all of those roofs were outfitted with solar panels, the city could double the good choice cialis shop nation's current solar power capacity.

The NYC Solar Map was made by surveying every -- yes every -- rooftop in the city to cialis uk suppliers see which were most primed for capturing solar power.  A team of researchers made a series of flights over the city using a Lidar laser system to collect date on size, shape, angle and sun exposure vs. shade cover of each building.  The rooftops that were deemed suitable could generate 5,847 MW, which is cheap fast levitra more than twice the nation's capacity of recommended site online us levitra 2,300 MW, and enough to power half the city on solar power alone.

The map is interactive and wow look it low price viagra allows users to type in addresses and get information on any building's solar potential.  Building owners can even draw a mock system on tramadol pharmacy order their roof and see how much energy it would generate and how much money it would save.  The map also has full details on all existing rooftop installations.

via NY Times

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Roof strength, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by Robert, June 21, 2011
Short term wouldn't that be extremely expensive? How long would they need to stay active and running at full capacity to actually provide some sort of return?
written by V, June 21, 2011
i don't think the point was necesarily to have all of NY's rooftops be equipped with solar...the point was to demonstrate the potential that exists; and hopefully help out those who are currently interested and may have the buy low price viagra capital to do so.
Great news for energy independence
written by Edouard Stenger, June 21, 2011
As solar gets more efficient and cheaper at the same time, these are great news for energy independence.

Now if more studies find that cities can generate half the electricity they need locally just with solar, this would surely be excellent !

Local and cleaner electricity production is key for a greener future !
They should do this for other cities
written by Albert, June 21, 2011
How about Los Angeles? Phoenix? Albuquerque?
written by Laurie, June 21, 2011
Some older roofs may not be viable, but the vast majority are- it also depends on the size of the installation.
It is less expensive then you might think and the map calculates the cost and the payback for you- payback time averages 5 to 7 years for most installations and then the savings on your electrical bill really starts to add up. Check out your building on the map!
Items to note
written by Matt, June 22, 2011
Just 2/3 of the roof in NY City could double US solar capacity. And that is just one city. Next time you are in a plane look out the window for ten mins after takeoff and before landing. How many flat roof do buying viagra uk you see? A large portion would support the cheapest price propecia cheap extra load of PV panels. We don't need more land to put them on. We can reuse the exist area.

Cost coming down, efficiency up, starting to see finance options. Dang nab-bit, soon we will be seeing those things on the roof in all those sunny cities.
Actually it would triple capacity
written by Chris, June 22, 2011
If it has double the potential capacity then adding it to buying cheap cialis existing capacity would triple nation's capacity
good prototype sorce
written by sarah, June 23, 2011
this is a nice model for architects to determine optimal roof angle and direction etc for future buildings... yes I'm sure the information exists in some mathematical formula somewhere... but to give home builders a couple of addresses they can go check out from the ground to see the look of the roof styles possible and wow look it drug viagra cross compare with efficiency and cost is a useful tool.

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