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JUL 01

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"Great concept, but far too expensive! I could build a garage and overnight cialis put ..."

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Solar-Powered Car Port Provides Clean Energy Charging at Home

If you have a need for a car port that both protects your EV and charges it with renewable energy, Phat Energy has a solar-powered one to fit the order cheap levitra visa bill.

The PHATport 350 fits a single car and comes equipped with a 2.5kW solar array.  The port can be customized with lights, electrical outlets and, of course, EV chargers.

The PHATport, which made its debut at the Dwell on Design 2010 conference, could also be used as a patio cover, or really any other kind of cover that would benefit from be solar-powered.

Production on the port will start this summer and it will likely sell for about $37,000.  It comes preassembled and folded on a traveling dolly so that it can be popped up and installed quickly.

via Jetson Green

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written by Russell, July 01, 2010
I like the concept, but I see a serious flaw. The typical user is going to drive their car to work and be gone all day while the sun is shining, then come home at night and want to charge their car while it's dark. Hopefully the PHATport includes some sort of an energy storage system, or connects with the grid.
written by Jeff, July 01, 2010
I have been wanting one of these to be developed for a while now. It is a nice idea, but it seems a bit expensive for what you get. Right now, solar is about $5 per watt when you buy a panel. That 2.5kW should be $12500 how do they justify the generico cialis other $25k? Does it come with an electric Smart ForTwo?
Rip-off extraordinaire
written by GreenGerbil, July 02, 2010
This has to be a joke right? The price is beyond reasonable and i use it how to get levitra in canada as Russell says, it is not compatible with most people's working hours.

Of course it is 'green' so some moron is going purchase one for the bragging rights, but they are unlikely to be commercially successful.

The money they are asking for would pay to run a modern internal combustion engined car for its entire lifetime and then some.

written by Mr Buble, July 04, 2010
While the concept is acceptable the price is stupid. Have a look at the pierce of solar panels and a grid interactive inverter and you will see that is a hell of a price for a carport!!!
written by Gene @ Diy Solar, July 04, 2010
WOW , awesome concept.
written by Andrew Stone, July 06, 2010
Great concept, but far too expensive! I could build a garage and put solar panels on it for less than the cost of this thing. Then my entire car is protected from elements and vandals.

Neat idea, but crazy expensive.

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