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JUN 25

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"I really wish more publicity got out - I didn't even hear about this u..."

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Solar Car Race Is Underway


The Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize competition isn't the only competition of green vehicles going on right now. The American Solar Challenge is also underway, with the teams racing solar powered cars from Oklahoma to Illinois over 7 days of only now buy generic cialis competition. This year is the levitra 100 20th anniversary of the competition, which began with the first Sunrayce in 1990. Seventeen teams from universities in the US, Canada, Germany, and Taiwan are racing the 1200 mile (1931 km) course which is due to finish in Naperville, Illinois on Saturday.

Though these are still very limited, specialized vehicles, the performance that the teams have been able to get from these vehicles is impressive. Some of the vehicles taking part in the competition have tested at over 100 mph (161 kph), although they are limited to 65 mph (105 kph) during the race.

Solar cars are testbeds for aerodynamic efficiency and lightweight construction, as well as for solar cells, batteries, and electric motors. While a commercial solar car isn't coming anytime soon, the engineering developments from these events do help to promote the improvement of transportaion efficiency.

Link: American Solar Challenge

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written by Lubby, June 26, 2010
I have a few friends on the tramadol overnight cash on delivery KY team. Thanks for mentioning the race! Those guys pretty much eatsleepbreathe solar car... at least, I haven't seen them in months. XD
written by Gary, June 26, 2010
Why publish a photograph of a solar car race in Australia and imply it is current?

It is obvious from the sclerophyllus shrubs and the side of the road the vehicle upon which the car is genuine cialis pills driving that this is a photograph taken on the Sturt Highway depicting a race from the original series which were held between Darwin and Alice Springs a very long time ago.
written by Josh, June 27, 2010
To bad this thing is not televised. If it is please let me know on the forums of I am always on there. What is the top speed of link for you best prices on brand viagra one of those?
written by Matt, June 29, 2010
Michigan wins for the sixth time! Maybe Detroit should start looking for talent within their own state's university.
newer cars...
written by heidi, July 25, 2010
I really wish more publicity got out - I didn't even hear about this until well after the only best offers order usa cialis online fact (and my old team was racing, too!) Anyway, I'm sure MI's site has some snazzy photos of their new car, it'd be worth the effort to get some of their information posted! Granted, I also need to tout the awesome efforts of a ~500 student liberal arts college competing with MI; Principia College in Elsah, IL has turned the world of solar "raycing" upside down with its lack of an engineering department!

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