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MAR 11

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"It seems like this is a greta time to go solar with all the rebates an..."

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Concentrated Solar Power Isn't Just for Deserts, It Could be for Walls Too

Usually when you read about concentrated solar power, it's referring to wow look it canadian cialis some large project destined for the Mojave Desert, but Syracuse's Center of Excellence in Environmental and tramadol hydrochloride tablets label Energy Systems (SyracuseCoE) has set out to prove that this technology can be used in smaller, colder settings.

SyracuseCoE in Syracuse, NY is itself a LEED-platinum-certified, 55,000 square-foot building that serves as a testing ground for renewable energy and efficiency technologies.  The south wall of only for you uk levitra the building is home to a concentrated solar facade that, at first glance, resembles the frosted cube walls found in doctors' office waiting rooms.

This 8-foot by 8-foot facade houses several clear pyramid lenses that track the sun and concentrate the wow look it generic viagra from canada rays onto high-efficiency PV cells.  Extra energy not converted to electricity is used for heating water and radiant heat in the building.  And because it's made up of clear panels, it also adds natural lighting indoors.  You can watch a video of the system at work here.

Using a concentrated solar power system in an architectural application is a new concept, so the center will be monitoring and reporting on its performance.

The facade was designed by the Center for Architecture Science and Ecology and the company HeliOptix is licensed to market it.

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written by Brian Green, March 12, 2010
I watched the video and levitra 20mg price the tracking seems interesting, as does the use of the fresnel lenses to concentrate light onto small PV cells. I'd like to i recommend buy viagra now see this used here in the Pacific Northwest, so I could see what it looks like up close and personal.

I think any advance made in PV is a good one. when I buy a house, I'll be very conscious of the PV potential on the buy viagra us roof. I never thought of using them in a big window until now. Great idea.
Walls & Roofs
written by Global Patriot, March 14, 2010
We're always thinking of rooftops when the topic of solar arrays comes up, but if designers took into account the radiation that falls on walls solutions such as the one described here would be far more common.
written by Saar the climate change star, March 15, 2010
That's a cool-looking concentrated solar lenses I wouldn't mind having at my own home.
Much more attractive
written by J. Marshall, March 16, 2010
For businesses or high-end homes that might be concerned about the look of roof mounted solar panels this could prove to be a great option. Obviously aesthetics shouldn't be a reason to go/not utilize solar but could be a deterrent to some. The natural light is a big bonus!
Solar energy Political time bomb
written by An interested party, March 18, 2010
Much as I appreciate all this great new innovative forward thinking for the latest in technology I cant help thinking that as a child I had great delight in discovering the power of the sun through a magnifying glass. Do we today forget all those little no cost at all ideas and we have to go through all the bells and whistles to come back to the Victorian ideas of simple steam locomotion powered by magnified sun light. No emissions no cost and better for all.


What with Congress unable to link for you online cheap viagra make simple choices because it doesnt line their pockets with cash you will see no cheap way to move around. Watch out for highly taxed shoe leather in a store near you SOON!!!!smilies/cheesy.gif
Solar has great incentives and rebates
written by Fred Ellis, April 03, 2010
It seems like this is a greta time to go solar with all the rebates and incentives. There is cialis usa a 30% energy tax credit from the IRS. A lot of states have rebate programs that can cut the cost of solar by another 30% or more. So depending on order viagra cheap where you live, you'd save about 60% off. I found a good site that has the rebates for every state at

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