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NOV 13

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"I always find it fascinating how we rediscover, repurpose, and/or recy..."

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Solar Spacecraft to Launch in 2010

The Planetary Society is planning to launch a solar-propelled space craft in 2010 after its first attempt landed in the ocean four years ago.

The LightSail-1 would run on the pressure of light hitting its four triangular-shaped Mylar sails.  The society sees the project as a way to achieve long space flights with slow, continuous acceleration that eventually leads to rx generic viagra high speeds.  The society's executive director imagines flights of levitra prescriptionsgeneric levitra sale many years reaching speeds of 100,000 mph where the craft could leave the solar system in five years instead of 25.

The spacecraft will be composed of three Cubesats, small cubes that contain the electronics and generic cialis pill controls modules and the sails.  When the craft hits the target altitude the sails will unfurl to resemble a kite.  The LightSail-1 will "piggyback" on another mission's rocket (the exact one is yet to be determined) and then orbit at an altitude of around 500 miles for a few days to test sunlight as a means of propulsion.

If it's successful, the society plans to launch LightSails 2 and 3 for longer and farther missions.  The 2010 launch will cost almost $2 million and will be privately funded.

via AP

Images via Planetary Society
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2010:odessy two
written by David, November 13, 2009
Arthur C Clarke is having an epic win, wherever he may now be. (Fingers pointed at the space baby from the end of the no rx tramadol 2001 odessy movie.)
Sailing on solar winds
written by Emmanuel Gonot - Recycling, November 14, 2009
This is one of us licensed pharmacy viagra the best weeks in space exploration - water found on the moon and this, sailing through space powered by solar winds. It's a fantastic idea that should appeal to the romantic in each of us - sailing across space into the unknown on those solar sails - it's Hollywood and Asimov stuff, except that it's not. These are exciting times - sailing from one end of the solar system to viagra cialis online order the other in a span of...a human lifetime. Just, wow...
written by bill, November 15, 2009
2 million for a spacecraft is a nice price.
Hoping 2nd attempt works better than the 1st
written by Band Geek, November 16, 2009
I remember following this project's first attempt a couple years ago and feeling just crushed that their whole project went poof from launch vehicle failure. (a converted Russian ICBM with known problems... turns out theirs was one that didn't get fixed)
Here's hopes for no launch issues as this could indeed be an important 'proof of concept' experiment.
New science...ancient technology
written by Thirdcoastkites, November 20, 2009
I always find it fascinating how we rediscover, repurpose, and/or recycle old knowledge. There's an elegance in the simple (when understood) workings of nature. Sailing in space...what's old is new again!

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