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APR 28

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"I wonder how awesome things are now, that Europe is freezing, covered ..."

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Spain Plugs In World's Largest Solar Tower

In Seville, Spain yesterday, the world's largest solar tower came to life and levitra canada prescription started generating electricity. The PS20 plant has a capacity of 20 MW and will be able to very good site cialis shop power 10,000 homes.

The plant is made up of 1,255 mirrors, each taking up 1,291 square feet, that focus solar radiation on a 531-foot tower. The heat boils water in the tower which creates steam. The steam then turns a turbine, making electricity.

The PS20 is the second solar tower to go on-line in Spain, with the other capable of generating 10 MW. The solar towers are just part of a 300-MW solar-thermal complex planned by Abengoa that will also include four 50-MW plants that use parabolic troughs instead of towers. The entire complex should be up and running by 2013.

Spain became the world's second largest producer of solar PV last year, with 3,000 MW installed and with these new projects, it seems they're on their way to leading the world in concentrated solar power as well.

via Reuters

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This is awesome!
written by Solar Power, April 29, 2009
Alright Spain! Cool to see that everywhere in the world people do something about the cialis vs levitra environment!! Here in Australia they are also really pushing Solar Power and LED Lighting which is generic viagra 2 day delivery a good thing. Let's make our lives sustainable and think about the environment!
written by Jacob, April 29, 2009
Each mirror takes up 1,291 square feet?
RE ...
written by mike, April 29, 2009
@Jacob: yes, do your maths. 1,291 square feet is sqrt(1291) feet on a side, or about 36 feet (11 meters), give or take a few inches, assuming a square-shaped mirror. A bit longer/shorter on each side if it's a rectangle or some parabolic or romboid shape. Impressively large, but not unthinkable.
Spain Plugs Into
written by Glenn, April 29, 2009
Europe seems to be so far ahead of us in alternative energy production. Maybe American policy-makers can learn from them. The US leads the world in patents and creativity, why aren't we leading the way with new technology? Congressmen and women, why is that?
Spain's tower
written by Laura Jean Karr, April 29, 2009
It's good to see a country taking that kind of step toward renewable energy. Looking forward to buy viagra tablet hearing how it all works out.
written by Mark, April 29, 2009
Gotta love any country trying doing their part. I always worry about the UK's part in climate change...and we're sort of trying to make a difference!
I like this blog quite a bit. We need more open chatter about the effects of climate change and medication tramadol 50 mg what people can do to help.

Anyone here taken a look at these student videos? Tomorrows World sponsored a contest and these were the winners:

It's amazing what kids can accomplish when someone gives them the opportunity. I think we should encourage this more. Check them out and spread the word!
written by Crusty Chris from Carlise, April 30, 2009
Love it but I wouldn't want to be bird near Seville.

Some poor Daffy duck will be Peking style in 0.5 sec's. Still smoking when he hits the ground.
@Daffy duck.
written by hyperspaced, April 30, 2009
The propagation of light energy when the light wave is reflected from a mirror is not 100% on the levitra pfizer canada straight line (between mirror-tower).

So Daffy, don't worry, even if you are blind you will still feel the heat gradually building up and evade.

Way to go Spain! I hope we follow your example in Greece sooner than planned.
written by roger, May 03, 2009
I think the American congress and senate are too paid off, to ever let the power/oil/coal companies have any decisions, made against their vested interests.700 billion dollar stimulas deal could of been used to get us totally off powering our homes with alternative energies. Instead of spending 500 billion dollars a year in buying oil and another 300 billion defending it, we could be totally independent of the opec monopoly and get out of prescription levitra the middle east. When Americans dont have to put out 200 bucks a month for energy, thatwould be a everlasting stimulas deal. To me a no brainer.
from Spain
written by Luis, May 04, 2009
I live in Spain and I'm happy too to click now cialis prescription label see this transformation. I am very fond of renewable energy sources, but here many people are not really concerned and see it more as a profitable business (because of the subsidies) than as a green business.
What we also need is a plan to reduce energy consumption: the greenest energy is the one that is not consumed!

turning tide
written by Darron, May 07, 2009
I read earlier this year (via New Scientist) of total installations of renewable energy in the US exceeding total non-renewables in 2007, this mostly privately funded (not much in the way of govmt help back then). This was equivalent to more than the total renewable installtion in Germany at the time. The 2008 figure hadn't been calculated (not sure if it has yet). I think you'll find the best price thailand tramadol tide has already started to turn, with or without the lack of Govt. support or coal/oil lobbies. Time to put your chips on the table people because the ball is about to roll. This is going to make the tech boom look like a pimple.
an idea
written by nikhil, May 07, 2009
I had this idea a few days back and wanted to share it with you guys and also wanted your opinion. If we could install a couple of fans on the top of canada meds an aerodynamically modeled vehicle, can we use them to recharge the batteries ? Like, for instance, when you're driving on levitra or viagra a highway, the speeds are always high and I think they should be enough to produce electricity. But I don't know much about this and thats why I wanted your opinion. Also, how would the excess weight affect the performance and hence, the carbon emission of the car. Please reply guys..Cheers!
written by trollhunter, May 08, 2009
This troll is now dead. Have a nice day.
re:an idea
written by Marcel, May 08, 2009

the power generated by the buy viagra online fan is coming from the motion of the vehicle, that you've seen correctly. However, what you're missing is that that vehicle is powered by another energy source, providing that movement. Putting a fan on top of the car, would require that other energy source (engine) to put out more power to provide enough for both the movement AND the fan.

So no, it wouldn't have the effect you desire.

Looks good but
written by Common Sense Pete, May 09, 2009
All Countries going Solar except the Super Powers, Why you ask?

By 2010-2012 The United states will own the weather, and any Country that will not play ball with the IMF (Wall street bankers) will be subject to denial of Sun light and severe weather.

Michigan has been denied Sun light for several months now, and the D.O.E has no plans to stop their Aerosol Spraying program!

Is it a coincidence that the overnight delivery cialis Swine flu broke out in the same spots as the D.O.E testing stations around the world.

The US Military has a history of testing their campaigns on US citizens first despite the human cost.

The best we can hope for is they don't permanently damage the Earths ECO system.

These people in power will leave their mark on the world, even if it means destroying it.

Solar Energy
written by Rob Chant, May 27, 2009
Great news, and it's an awesome looking plant!
written by Fred, July 02, 2009
wow thats amazing! and it holds a lot of power.
And when the sun don't shine?
written by JimmyDaGeek, January 21, 2010
I wonder how awesome things are now, that Europe is freezing, covered in snow. How well is we choice bestellen cialis online this plant working now? You still need some kind of conventional power stations as backup, unless you can store electricity!

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