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DEC 05

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"They should start a service and viagra 100mg rent the solar plant to whoever wants ..."

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eSolar Power Plant Wishes Creator a Happy Birthday I'm wishing I was the shop tramadol overnight CEO of a solar company, because this is just cool. The quirky solar engineers at eSolar just wished their founder and CEO, Bill Gross, a happy birthday using the orientation of the mirrors at a test plant in Nevada.

eSolar uses mirrors to concentrate heat on a tower, thus boiling water to turn a turbine. A 245 MW plant using their technology was just approved for construction in I guess they have reason enough to wish their founder happy birthday in the coolest way they know how.

Via Earth2Tech

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This is the most unique green gift!
written by Jp Joseph, December 09, 2008
This is the most unique and affordable gift I’ve seen so far this holiday season. It is a carbon offset gift card, there is more information about it at , great for all and an even better gift for the planet!
How cool is legal to purchase online tramadol that!
written by Jack, December 18, 2008
They should start a service and rent the solar plant to whoever wants to generic levitra 100mg send a message! ;D

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